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  1. Left Guernsey on the Commodore Clipper via Jersey to U.K.
    View from cabin, sunset over Corbiere.
    Arrived Portsmouth and popped up to see Lucy, my daughter, at Greenwich Uni.
    We had always wanted to visit the Cutty Sark and the Maritime Museum.
    Both vessels only had steel and ingenuity in common.
    Great Indian supper at the Mogul if you like that sort of thing; Jalfrezi, Tarka Dhal and Naan.
    Sandown and the Volksworld Show, touched base with Daisey on arrival and set up camp.
    Sensible evening we had Pizzas in Esher with the view to the Latebay line-up in the morning.
    Obviously a BBQ later and the evening was in full motion.


    Amazing evening and will be revered for ever... Probably a little touch of Black Barrel helped!
    AM and off to Dover for Calais. On speck tried the Chunnel "£205 one way", I said "you must be joking" she said "Sir, I don't joke about money". No deal and I was let out back and onto the M2.
    All the same the ferry still cost £105 one way.
    The night was spent north of Antwerp.
  2. [​IMG]
    In the morning drove up to Zuidlaren, in the north of Netherlands to visit extended family.
    Lorenzo chilling out...and
    Sarah with a message for Banksy
    Beer Festival held in a church in Groningen.

    Back down the A28 from Holland into Belgium.
    Just after the Belgium-French border a French Douanes Peugeot pulled me over and thoroughly searched the van.
    Is it reassuring to know that they are checking strange odd vehicles with unusual number plates? Although I'm not too sure.
  3. Onward and over the magnificent Pont de Normandie (sorry no pics:() to Bocars Village for a lovely Brasserie lunch of Rillettes followed by Braised Oxtongue with a Piquant sauce, and some Camembert to round it off.
    Down the Baie of St.Malo noting in its amazing tidal range.
    Quite windy and the sand rails were shifting.
    A lovely tall ship was in the Basin at St. Malo..
    Colour co-ordinated with Herman!
    On the Vitesse back home.
    Home sweet home I'm just so lucky.
    Had a lovely time made lots of friends, and as Simon, daisey, said "Tlb r just friends you not met."
  4. How very cool :cool::thumbsup:
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  5. Lovely bus & great pics!
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  6. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Lovely pics :)
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  7. Nice one! :)
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  8. Lovely pics. As you say, the Pont de Normandie is pretty impressive :thumbsup:. Think I'll pass on the "Panty Stout" though :eek:.
    Where did you get your awning, there has been a thread on here recently about pull out awnings, that looks a good piece of kit....
  9. or the "Salty Dick" for that matter!
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  10. Awning was from German eBay just Google it and scroll down. All sorts of kit on there.
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  11. Nice.
    Just put together a little shopping wish list for the Syncro;)
    The prices are vv good compared to the ARB kit more commonly available.
    What is the quality like?
  12. Got the roof tent as well
  13. No problems so far and well made.
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  14. Great pics n good times , thats campers :thumbsup:
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  15. Holy cow!!!!!
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  16. Was awesome to meet u Nick u will now be known as "THE GROOVER" u owned the dance floor put it in the diary for next year bud

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    I think this was me and u a little bit late on
  17. Yes it was.... Total manic. Thanks Si see you next year if you dare.
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  18. @nicktuft - sorry i just picked this up !
    A very excellent adventure and took so much in - nice one :thumbsup:

    An absolute pleasure to meet you sir , we may well hit the club next year , another year older , another year dafter :oops:
    Hoping you can make it !

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  19. Yes it was a cracker and I really had an amazing time. Seems like an age ago but I'm game on if I can do. Cheers
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