Ravus German Whitewalls product review

Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by Stan, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. Got my new wheels tyres, Ravus white walls & Chrome rings on:-

    Very happy with them.

    Thanks for the recommendation. :)
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  2. I think these will have to go on the want List :D
  3. I'm thinking of reconditioning my wheels, and then getting a set of these. Any advice or what wheel colour looks best with them? Not sure if to go pastel white, or something else/darker.
  4. I think dark colours look much better with these. I have white, and am about to change that. either to gun metal grey or hot rod red if i'm brave enough.

    Photoshop test first.
  5. Your van looks ace as do the wheels!
    I was considering changing to white for mine actually only reason I painted them black was ease of maintenance and cleaning haha!

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  6. I'd like some help. I've found the site for the whitewall flaps but don't speak or read German. How can I translate the site ??? I'm interested in the product. (Or any suggestions for a supplier closed to Canada?)
  7. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

  8. if you use Google chrome it asks if you want to translate any foreign pages, its rather handy :thumbsup:

  9. Thanks pal, I must say they do look good in black :)
  10. The guy that sells them speaks English, you can just send him a message.
  11. Thanks, I'll try messaging him in English then.
  12. No need to bother mate - just email them via the web site in English they will reply in English for you. They are very good to deal with.
  13. Got mine powdercoated white...15 quid each inc. the spare.;)
  14. How do i order the whitewalls?
  15. just email them via the web site in English
  16. Ok,cheers.
  17. I just bought a set of these and installed them. I like them.
    QUESTION: How did they hold up in frigid temperatures and snow. My winters average -7 Celsius (20F) ( -17 Celsius (-22F) for a few weeks as well).

    How about speed...I drive about 120kph (75mph) a couple hours each day.

    I want to keep them on until they fall off by themselves :D
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