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Discussion in 'Van Accessories' started by Stan, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. I think my original guide has vanished so in case anyone is considering whitewalls....

    I purchased a set of Whitewall flaps from www.ravus.de

    They turned up after a few days, well packed and after 2 years now I am still pleased with them. They still look as good as the day I fitted them, my van is a daily driver all year round including Salty roaded winter time.

    Should anyone be considering those cheap rubber flaps everyone sells - dont bother, they are potentially dangerous. You also have to deflate your tyre and fit them under the rims, none of that faffing with these.

    Effectively these fit to stainless rims that 'clamp' onto your steel wheels. You have a white pvc outer rim (the whitewall) in various widths and also red if you fancy, with a black under liner that takes the stress and reduces wear on the tyre and whitewall. These are held together with plastic clips set at regular intervals. You merley cut any moulding hairs from your side wall and push the whole thing onto your standard rims and BonJovi - its done.

    Its a neat idea and TUV tested so you know it wont blow your tyre or wreck your cheap rubber flappy doodars after 2 months!

    Use a mild bathroom cleaner to keep them in tip top condition. In fact my cheapo domed hubcaps have faired less well compared to the rims etc.

    Have a look , Volrink the guy who runs it is very good. They do different sizes so fit 15 in Beetle wheels too if you like. I would suggest you buy their stainless rims rather than the ones on sale over here (only because I dont know if they will fit the same?) You can buy individual parts as things get broken, lost etc etc. I paid about £100 2 years ago.

    Use Google Translate to help with the website but you will need a full set (wide white rims 14inch, with 1 packet of clips (covers a full set))
    Or if you get stuck PM me happy to help. They do Paypal now also.

    • A few tips -these will ruin your alloys so steel wheels only!
    • Put some fablon or similar on the rim of your wheel first - just keeps the rust away a little longer (the rims have sharp teeth - be careful they eat fingers...)
    • Pulling them off is a swine, but should you change tyres due to puncture or wear you buy your cheaper normal tyres and pop this back on - instant whitewalls again.

    Some pictures of mine.

  2. These look good Will he sell 7, 4 for the bus 2 for the trailer & a spare? :)
  3. great news about paypal, that's why i couldn't get them before.
  4. I have yet to receive them, so i can't say anything about the product, but I can say that Ulrike is one of the best and easiest people to do business with on the internet, as far as customer support goes; Ravus.de gets my highest recommendation.
  5. If you email them they are very helpful and accommodating. I normally email Volrink but use the contact on the website. Apparently I was the first one to order them in the UK! Crazy fool that I am , but I read lots of reviews in European forums before I committed. All good reviews.

    Good luck with your purchase. Sven cant wait to see yours on your bus?
    Dont forget to protect the rims with some fablon those teeth are very sharp and cut your fingers also if you are not careful?

  6. Thanks M8, do you stick the fablon all around the rim?
  7. Yes just the edge of the rim where the teeth bite from the stainless rim. Suggest you pull those teeth back a little it helps to make them go on easier. Give the rim even whacks to put them on, they are very forgiving but will hurt your hands so wear gardening gloves.
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  8. Hi Stan,
    I'm just about to dive in for a set of these babies. They do look well made, and fab on your van, much cheaper option also than wide stripe whitewalls. Question; Did you in fact need a set of the "plastic clips for older rim without hump" that he offers for 4euros ? My van is a '73 with 14" wheels, and I didnt think I did, but your van looks similar to mine, and you show a set in your pics ?? My wheel does have 2 small humps that the hubcap fits over ? Thanks for the heads up on these. Dave
  9. Hi Dave
    My van is a '73 with standard 14inch rims same as yours.
    Those clips stop the whitewalls from moving on the Stainless rims and reduce any risk of them flying off into the night!

    What The pics dont show is the black under liner which is free to slide under the white flaps and over the tyre wall, hence takes any wear (which in the time I had mine has been zero to date!)

    For 4 Euros its not worth thinking about. You get enough for a full set!

    Hope this helps?
  10. Great. Thanks for that. Ordered up now, looking forward to getting them on my new tyres !
    Cheers Stan
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  11. Nice one. Hope you like them as much as I do? Dont forget to cut the moulding hairs off the tyre wall before fitting and wear gardening gloves when fitting those stainless teeth on the rims are sharp!
  12. Cheers for the help Stan I've just emailed them now. I'm still a little confused what to order? Where do you get the Fablon from?
  13. They will be able to advise you via email (in English) The Fablon I just got from B&Q, anything really just to give the paint on the rims a fighting chance since the teeth on the stainless rims bite into the wheel. 2 years now and counting, so far so good. I also put some on the little raised knobs where the hubcaps pop onto the wheels for the same reaons, keeps the rust away a little bit longer.
  14. Sorry tried to post the steps how to order this but it just messed up in here (embedded HTML ! )If you are unsure PM me or just email them direct for what you want they are very helpful.
  15. Cheers Stan basically I am ready to order now, my wheels should be painted this week & then I'll be exited to get them on :)
  16. if your wheels are being painted I would wait a few days for the paint to set properly? Power coating/celly? Good luck anyway and PM me if you have an issues - Blimey I shouuld be getting some commission off them at this rate! :)
  17. Got mine last week.



    They look better on darker wheels though.

    Quality seems pretty good! Some things to watch out for, these are probably written in the German instructions, but Google translate doesn't give a very good interpretation.

    The black ring goes matt side to the sidewall, this is an anti-traction surface to protect the tire from rubbing.
    The rings are stainless steel and there is some polishing compound residue left on the back of the rings, so if you get that on your hands you'll easily dirty the white rubber while handling it.

    You have to use a small screwdriver to get the plastic clips on fully.

    Don't try them on a friends car just to see what it looks like, as with every mounting or removal you could scratch the paint on the rim, the rings have sharp clips, so it's best to fit them once, and leave on.
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  18. Sven they look great on your van- well done. I do agree the instructions are appalling almost as bad as Volkwares Rock and Rol bed.... Almost!
    I keep saying be careful with the teeth at the back they are evil. If you pull the teeth back a little before you fit they do come off a little easier(not much easier but at least it feels secure on the rim)
  19. Hi Stan,
    Received my rims today....great ! Had a mooch about with them today and a read of the none to clear instructions, but I am now happy with how they will fit onto the wheel. I can see what you mean about the fablon. This tip is good, as it is bound to give more protection to the wheel, and also a better grip of the trim onto the wheel.
    Off to Volksworld show tomorrow, so can't get them on yet, but will post a pic up when done. Cheers for the heads up Stan, and the clear pictorial help.
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  20. Nice one Dave.
    If you carefully bend the teeth back a touch they dont eat your rims as much and make it easier to push on. Btw you have to be brutal and hammer them on with palm of your hand, try to keep even pressure all round to keep them straight.
    Dont forget to cut any mouldling hairs off the tyre sidewall before fitting.
    Enjoy the show btw. Looking forward to seeing some pics of your van.

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