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  1. We regularly use the RAC to bring our van home. We got 10 miles from shell island for a weekend camping on the May bank and had to be recovered after generator pulley disintegrated. On another occasion on the way for re-trimming and MOT the engine oil seal blew and we needed the services again. How ever the MoT had expired by 2 days and although we had it booked in with the garage/refurber, the RAC would not take a vehicle without MOT. It says so in the T&Cs it turns out. and so we had to get the van recovered privately from Jn17 M6 to Kens Customs in Tamworth. Ouch.

    Our van is currently in france with the wife and kids and i have returned home part way through the road trip. We have done about 2000 miles so far with about 1000miles to get back home. We have called on the services of RAC euro cover 3 times already. We got an annual policy with the most comprehensive cover available. about £250 it was. The call centre is in france and the call handlers have excellent English. which is good coz we had a few disagreements. Le RAC in france isn't the same as the UK. On each occasion we called a flat bed was sent to recover us automatically rather than attempt to fix roadside/tentside. No Knight in shining T5 with diagnostics here me old son. One pickup driver did diagnose a faulty coil (which is more than I had managed by the time he turned up) although while I was turning the ignition he messed about with some leads that left the dizzy smoking...which also had to be repaired.

    After you call them the RAC send a text to advise of tow truck arrival time and on each occasion they arrived spot on time typically 30 mins -60 mins after call out. On one call out our van needed to have a new coil and was taken on flat bed to garage 45 mins away. We were taken to a small mechanic(s) (only 1 person) and he was busy and could not look at the van until the following day. RAC arranged a 85 euro taxi back to campsite. We could not travel to our next destination and found a mobile home available on the campsite we were had planned to leave. The RAC agreed to pay for mobile home accommodation for 2 nights (upto 100E per person per night) which i paid on card and will have to claim back (still not sure why RAC would not pay this directly). RAC arranged another taxi back to garage to collect van and paid for this. The garage charged 275 E for a fitting a new coil. RAC advised I had to pay in cash for this as mechanic had no card facility .(I can claim the labour cost back but have to pay for the parts 130 E).

    Wife got a puncture after I left and RAC tow truck driver changed the wheel after recovering the van to a place of safety. I expect we may need to call them out again...17 days to go. i'll update the thread once I have submitted claim form to advice how process goes.

    Is the RAC good value...well you could argue we have got our monies worth and for peace of mind we have found it very worth while. The best advice I can give is know your vehicle. we are still getting to know ours (!) but on the upside have diagnosed many things that we need to rectify when it gets home. if it gets home.
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  2. Well done on your foresight mate.
    I got a similar short term deal with the AA this May which came in handy when the clutch and gearbox went hand in hand to
    VeeDub heaven on the motorway 300 miles Sud de Calais.

    £125 all in. For that we got four nights in hotels for me the missus and the two kids, taxis, two brand new hire cars and full recovery back to my door a fortnight later.

    I believe the AA quoted me just short of £300 for the annual cover but i dare say they may want to revisit that now :)
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  3. Exactly right - correct - spot on - top of the class :thumbsup:

    The engines in these vans are so basic it`s laughable - learn how they work .
    With a logical problem solving attitude and a very basic tool kit most issues can at least be diagnosed . It`s fine having a Halfords million piece tool kit but do you know how to use it ??

    Techenders is a great place to pick up a few tips - end of September :thumbsup:

  4. Indeed
    Once you get everything sorted and
    You understand as much as you possibly can with the workings of them
    They Won't break down
    It's a wonderful thing :)
  5. Techenders, heh. I'm in.
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  6. Yes but the tool kit is so shiney :p
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  8. coil , tyre and what else?

    if you think about it the rac man in his t5 could be you....;)
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