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  1. I recently bought some rubber gutter trim from the lovely lady at Puddle Jump, it was cheaper than everywhere else and she even stiched a beading into it so I could connect my awning to it easily.

    Good communication
    Speedy delivery

    I was finding it hard to fit and discovered because of the type of devon roof that I had that it wouldn't ever be easy to fit.

    Puddle Jump offered to refund me in full, it wasn't their fault and I wasn't expecting a refund.

    So all in all I just want to say what amazing service puddle jump provide!
    They went above and beyond the call of duty and I think this great service should be recognised.

    I am not related to them, I do not know them.
    Check out the lovely awnings/canopies they do at
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    I bought one of the first of their lovely domed sunshades and I was very pleased with it. She (Mrs Puddlejump) asked for feedback which I duly gave. One of my comments regarded some very small glue marks on the side panel and near the fringe on the top. I was quite clear in my comments that the glue wasn't an issue with me and I was completely happy with the product, I just felt she should know for subsequent items.
    A week later I received in the post a completely new sun canopy with side wall and all the poles and guy ropes. :eek:
    I phoned and spoke to her and tried to get her to accept it back as it was a big, and unnecessary, expense for a small, fledgling business.
    She was having none of me returning the new one and even refused my offer of returning my original one. I can certainly recommend her and her products to anyone and your post just confirms that she is determined to do business in an honest and honourable manner. :thumbsup:
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  3. How much!!!!
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    Long after you've forgotten the price you'll still appreciate the quality. I can't actually remember how much we paid for ours but as I view the van as a hobby I just tend to spend on stuff that I like without doing all the boring cost/benefit calculations.
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  5. my other half has recently bought me a new awning.which looks gorgeous. will be doing a few festivals very soon so shall report back.:):)
  6. I just showed the wife their domed awnings. Given the dull ones we have seen so far the key take-away was "pom-poms!"

    They are not cheap though but they are not drab either.
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