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  1. Well the time has come to sort through the Power Tools from my late father and my father-in-Law who has dementia and has no need for any tools.

    This is a collection of tools from them and me, I have picked the ones I want to keep and swapped some of mine along the way. I've gone one make for cordless stuff so there is bits and bobs from all manufacturers.

    I'd like this lot to go as one. I'm not interested in selling a single angle grinder or just a cordless etc etc.

    I have to say they all work and have been in use recently. There is a couple of new bits, a saw and a light and I have not tested them but they are packaged and I see no reason why they would be faulty.

    Cash on collection from Sherborne, Dorset. Can't post this lot it's just too heavy. I might be able to meet up somewhere or perhaps get the lot to techenders or via TLB courier if paid in advance although that's a big ask as this is quite a lump of gear.

    All the tools pictured are included in the sale, there is also a Parkside airless sprayer thing that’s on a shelf and to be honest I couldn't be was too much trouble to retrieve it. If this lot sells, I'll make a special effort to hook it off the shelf.

    So, the list in no particular order is: -

    2 x Small angle grinders. One B&D and one gawd knows assume it’s cheap. Spare brushes and tools included.

    1 x B&D power plane

    1 x Hairdryer (better than borrowing the good ladies one)

    1 x Glue gun, gets hot. No Glue sticks though.

    1 x rough use lead light, long lead, lights up.

    1 x Reciprocating (?) saw and 4 packets of blades, looks virtually unused.

    1 x 4 gang extension lead

    1 x B&D circular saw and blade

    1 x Power Devil (no idea) circular saw, new in bag.

    2 x Bosch cordless screw drivers, attachments, tools and charging cradles.

    1 x B&D Jigsaw

    1 x Multitool, spare attachments, sanding pads and backing disks (Parkside, LIDL/Aldi??)

    1 x Bosch Cordless drill and a single battery (with charger)

    1 x Kielder impact wrench, 2 batteries and charger

    1 x big (9 inch???) angle grinder, make unknown but it looks almost unused too. Has an evil disc in the box.

    1 x B&D corded drill and a Clarke drill stand

    1 x Bosch rotary end sander with loads of sanding drums, bits, flaps not sure what to call them really.

    1 x 500-watt halogen work light and a couple of spare bulbs.

    1 x 12v tyre inflator/torch thingy.

    I'd like £250 for the lot and as I said up there ^, it is to go as one lot.

    Contact me on here, if you want more pictures or to ask sensible questions please get in touch. Bear in mind that these are from family members, be kind.



    IMG_20211011_145035.jpg IMG_20211011_145042.jpg IMG_20211011_145413.jpg IMG_20211011_145603.jpg IMG_20211011_145702.jpg IMG_20211011_145945.jpg IMG_20211011_150132.jpg IMG_20211011_150214.jpg IMG_20211011_150802.jpg IMG_20211011_150949.jpg
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