WANTED Plumber to move boiler in our garage and Garage door advice

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  1. Hi

    As above I have a vailiant system boiler and unistor cylinder in my garage.

    I need the boiler moved higher (into the eaves of the pitched garage roof), then the cylinder moved to the rear of my garage) so I can fit our bus in, so it's out of sight.

    We've had a few quotes, but most plumbers want to sell us a new boiler instead lol.

    Our boiler is about 5 years old and works fine, but system could do with a power flush .

    Any plumbers on here able to quote, or can anyone recommend a decent plumber to move our boiler? It's in our garage so respecting 2m etc for covid etc

    I'm in Bexley. Please drop me a pm if interested.

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  2. Bear in mind whoever moves the cylinder needs an unvented ticket not gas safe.
  3. I've a very reputable guy I can recommend, if you've not already sorted it...
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    Be best if we knew where you are located, we have a few decent plumbers on here, but I can’t see them travelling too far they only have old buses!
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  5. Screenshot_20200901-131406_WhatsApp.jpg Screenshot_20200901-131344_WhatsApp.jpg IMG_0007.JPG IMG_0006.JPG IMG_0011(1).JPG Hi, I need some advice from any Garage door people on here?

    I've Been advised to fit garage roller door on outside of garage- left of photo with downpour, fit to surface and fit other side of frame to wall, but will be tight.

    Gap then (with proposed roller garage door) will 6ft3 inches. Bus with mirrors folded is 5ft8". With that, I'll have about 70mm gap each side when driving bus in and reversing out. Is that doable?

    Otherwise was told to get 1 side of garage door frame chased into wall so the 70mm is recessed into wall, increasing width to about 6ft 6 inches.

    I also have about 65mm on inside pillar return

    Any garage door people or security shutter suppliers/installers?

    I'm in DA5 Bexley, Kent. Just off Black Prince Turn off on A2.

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  6. Google Vaillant gas engineers in your area.
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    @Merlin Cat travels a lot, she might be able to get there some time in the future.
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