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  1. some of you might know that we (the state of Colorado) have 9 big heavy fires,i the nearest one is less than 25ml (40 km) away,i thought i would share some photos from my front yard,
  2. wow that looks big
  3. Wow! Take care and be safe, hope they go out soon.
  4. reminds me of when I lived in Oz in '93 and we had some very bad bush fires - remember filling the drainpipes up with water after sticking a tennis ball in the end - never new the reason for this - just thought it would somehow "cool" the house?? Made for some intersting photos though - good luck and stay safe!
  5. They said the one closest to me is only 65% contained it's been burning for 2 1/2 weeks & it may be out by the end of July,we had 3 new fires start doesn't help with the temperatures of 100+ degrees (38*C) for the last week & half :-[ & no rain in the forecast! :'( it makes it real hard to work on the bus!
    man it's stupid hot here,kinda of a free sample of HELL >:D
  7. Wow. That is truly scary!
  8. Last time we were in Colorado we came out of a big Supermarket and as we got into our even bigger rental car all we could see ahead of us was just like dammageduck's photo 005. And that was where we were heading! Took us 4 hours to drive around it and when we got to Breckenridge on top of the rockies we could still see the smoke. I wonder there is anything of that beautiful state left!
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    Take care and get out quick if you need to , its a shame you cant have some of our rain were praying for it to stop ,and a lot of areas have just come of a hose pipe ban due to the lack of water and now theres flooding
  10. The company I work for has a development center in Colorado Springs , many of the staff live of the NW side of town that has been gutted by this.

    Been there lots of times & springs is a great place that is suffering quite badly.

    Hope it all works out for you & stay safe.

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