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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by paradox, Aug 10, 2011.

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  2. I remember your lass asking why you were giving me that rusty old crap:lol:

    At least now you can show her it’s good and usable again:)
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    I had an anodised bike carrier set up, similar to your wheel carrier that I adapted with a wired cooker shelf. It made a good base for a portable bbq. and worked well. Sorry but I can't find a photo at the moment.
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  4. The first top hat rubbers I fitted to the rear wheel carrier wouldn’t compress enough to allow the latches to locate in place.
    The second ones I bought allowed the latches into place but didn’t have enough tension to stop the wheel wobbling.

    So I drilled four holes in the sides of the first top hat rubbers to relieve some tension and it’s worked:)

    I’ve also got the inside edges of the Poptop prepped and painted
    IMG_0560.jpeg IMG_0561.jpeg IMG_0561.jpeg
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  5. I can’t find a new replacement skylight in the same dimensions as the one that came off my pop top.

    So I’m going to have a go at refurbishing/tarting my current one.

    All stripped down to its individual components and scrubbed clean.
    I’ve removed all the old sealant from the base section and started prepping it for paint.

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  6. Flipped the pop top over and started sanding the paint off
    The primer must have been sodden when the topcoat was painted as the whole lot is peppered in micro blisters.
    There’s a few bits of fibreglass that will need attention before paint but nothing too worrying.

    IMG_0581.jpeg IMG_0582.jpeg IMG_0584.jpeg IMG_0586.jpeg
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  8. Solvent pop?
    It’s a possibility I suppose but considering everything was painted in a damp,stone building on the Scottish Borders in winter I’d lean towards trapped moisture.
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  9. IMG_0206.jpeg
    osmosis in action from damp matting o_O
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    I had a dinghy like that once, it weighed more than everyone else's (bad for racing) and would never dry out completely. Also a dormobile poptop same but I painted that. Both were literally covered with those pimples, not just odd ones like Para's. You can tell when you sand anyway, if the bubble finishes within the paint layers...
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  11. You can’t see them in the picture but it’s peppered with them as were lots of other steel panels on the van.
    The white dots you can see in the pics is robin poo

    When sanding they are only in the top coat so it’s not the fibreglass holding water but it’s going to get stripped right back and I’ll fire the diesel heater up for a few hours to raise the temp right up in the tent
    The front fibreglass roof rack was the same and after I stripped and repainted it has been fine.
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  12. That’s the skylight done
    Not perfect but perfectly usable now.

    IMG_0592.jpeg IMG_0593.jpeg
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  14. Don’t look too close:lol:
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    Looks good to me. :)
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  17. Managed to get a pic of them today
    quick tickle with the DA
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  18. More of the roof sanded
    Wet/dry vac as extraction on the sander worked great I’ve just taped the nozzle to the sander whilst I wait for the adapter to arrive.
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  19. I’ve given the tow/recovery hitch a bit of paint.
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