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  1. Hi folks.
    I've got a few minor mechanical and electrical things that need doing to my T2 Bay (1973).
    I used a nearby VW specialist and got rather ripped off by them, and having read reports on this forum it can be pretty hard to find a garage that is both reliable and affordable!
    Wondering if anyone on here is up for the job, as a lot of you seem pretty handy with your own mechanics - something I dream of becoming one day.

    The list is as follows:
    •Install Oil Cooler
    -Oil Cooler ordered but I don't know what other parts are needed
    •Heat Exchanges couple up
    -Don't know if this needs parts
    •Wiper Fluid pump installation
    -Parts ordered but not arrived
    •Accelerator pedal kit
    -Parts ordered but not arrived
    •Horn fix & securing
    -Have parts
    •Windscreen Seal
    -Have parts
    •Rear Brakes swap round
    -This is a weird one...I was told that they are either fitted the wrong way around or need swapping from left side to the right side!
    •Sunvisor installed
    -Have parts
    •Batteries securing
    -Need to order parts

    •Leisure battery installation
    •Stereo installation
    •Electrical points installation
    •Cab light installed
    •Electrical issues...
    -RPM & Fuel dials ping around when indicating
    -Right indicator flashes left signal light
    -No bulb for rpm dial

    I have a garage rented here in Putney until the end of ramp or jacks though.
    Alternatively I am away over winter and can leave it with someone to do at their leisure.
    Very happy to negotiate a 'fair-days-pay for a fair-days-work' but London prices are just way out of my league @ £75 am hour!

    All thoughts and suggestions are welcome as I can't do these things myself.
    Cheers and happy driving.
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    @Flakey if its driveable.i know its a long way ,but you can always say no

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