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  1. Today I fitted the oil temp sender. The guage has been fitted and wired up for 6 months! It's a sump one really so earths through the casing. I fitted in the oil line to the filter as it won't actually fit in the sump and didn't think to add an earth. I had to bring the van home to make room at work and so didn't find out it didn't work until it was too late to do anything about it. :(
    I think I need some more pipes in here though, I can still see the fuel tank. ;D

    You can also see where I beefed up the balance pipe and t'd off for the servo which works amazingly well. Funnily enough the only other van I've driven with really easy pedal was also an early with drums all round and a servo. I like drum brakes even though you do have to keep adjusting them, but at least on early buses you do it through drum from the outside so no grovelling under the van and no prising against the weedy back plates spoiling the adjustment holes. You don't even have to remove the wheel so it's a real doddle.

    LP is building me up some rocker shafts with ratio rockers. What a lovely bloke he is. He knows I'm not entirely happy with the engine and supplying these free to cheer me up. I think it'll be back running as it should when I get them fitted. Then I just need the Dells and a better linkage. After that I'll be back working on the interior. When I get some time that is. :)
  2. Easy mistake to make steve and easy enough to rectify

    I couldent be doing with an engine bay like that it would drive me mad lol
  3. Zed, this is how I solved the earthing problem, because I had the identical issue - no earth return because of the pipework:


    Earth strap on the t-piece. Worked a charm.
  6. Diddymen

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    nice to see you back on it :) :thumbsup:
  8. A year gone by!
    During which I haven't done a lot really.
    A new very shiney exhaust that I had to paint black, a centre linkage for the carbs and messed with the carb jetting.
    And I moved the oil filter out of the engine bay.
    And went camping.
    And drove it all summer.
    Doing something with the steering is back on the agenda. :thinking:
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  9. Blah blah blah;)

  10. R&P?? ;)
  11. Yes.
  12. I don't blame you!! :)
  13. It'll be a fun thing to do and relatively inexpensive I hope.
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  14. bus ownership....:thumbsup:
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  15. Looking forward to seeing the Rack and Pinion set up, very interested in what donor parts
    you will be using :thumbsup:

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