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  1. It'll probably stay where it is. I have an amp on the bulkhead and a shakey hand pouring brake fluid...
  2. Servo arrived promptly so I cleaned it up and tested it (by sucking on the pipe - highly technical). The diaphram's not split so it must be worth installing for a try. Now waiting patiently for an EB chatter to chop a mounting bracket off an old beam for me. :)
  3. In the meantime I've had a few teething problems with the engine. From the word go it's been spraying oil around the engine bay. I tried everything as it wasn't clear where it was coming from, then finally homed in on the serpentine pulley oil slinger.
    I took it off and found this - pics a bit fuzzy.

    The slinger part's been rubbing on the case. Both are made of ali so the case is bound to have some wear as well. To be sure this was the cause of the leak I fitted a standard pulley, alt pulley and belt, had a mop up around some parts of the engine bay and sure enough no more oil leak. Whether it's the fault of the pulley or the engine/fitting remains to be seen, but the supplier is kindly exchanging the pulley at their cost so I can find out.

    And the timing - SVDA with pertronix. It moves. It moves about 4 degs. Initially it retarded from our setting by 4 degs so I corrected it. Shortly after I retimed and it had advanced 4 degs so I put it back. Now I knew what what was going on I left it at the max so it can only retard which isn't so bad for the engine. The magnetic collar is a little loose and I think this is the fault. I've got a spare somewhere but I can't find it so I've fitted points.

    The engine's getting proper retro with the standard belt and points. I'll get that single carb back on one day. ;)
  4. Thats not good dude not good at all
  5. :( No, but sortable. It doesn't leak with standard pulley and I revved the nuts to test so the case is ok - that's the main thing at this point.
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    Just here for my monthly fix of Zeds groovy bus. Did you work out your prob in the end?
  7. Not yet - I have to keep using it. ;) As I've stopped the leak I'm having a break and driving about with the standard stuff.
  8. Was the after market pulley slinging the oil the correct way steve?
    Ive heard of aftermarket pulleys chucking it the wrong way before
  9. No, it's the right way round. That would have made a proper mess!

    The guy that makes them in the states has won prizes for his superb machining and the quality of this particular kit which is why I went for it rather than the competitors. All are similar prices.
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    Whats the gossip Mr Zed? Any new stuff done? Is it fully on the road now?

    Any new pics?
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    He's taken up baking and burning :(
  14. I fitted a servo :) but no pics :(
    I need to fit ratio rockers after LP changed the cam for a milder one for reasons to much to type.
    Too busy at work, burning things, decorating and baking to mess with mine.
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  16. Been missing the updates on EB but glad to see it's still alive and kicking 8)
    Love this bus; hope to see it in the flesh metal at some point!
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