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  1. I'm pleased with the "look". I really didn't want it to look flash. It's covered with oil already. Laurrie over-filled it. I think he did it for fun (I know him pretty well). Why? Because in his minds eye he saw shiney bits and a stainless exhaust, where I wanted it to look like an unloved, ignored oily piece of poop. I got my wish. lol


  2. Diddymen

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    that looks very respectable mate 8)

    I always like a nice shiney engine in rat look busses personally (not that I'd class yours as 'rat'.....too nice for that :))
  4. Small tip for you dude... get your filter hoses remade with crimped ends... jubilee clips are notorious for not holding oil lines!!

    other than that, top work :thumbsup:
  7. Are you keeping those tailpipes still dude?

    I thought an impreza had pulled up at mine when you arrived lol
  9. No ideas off the top of my head but ill have a think
  10. The front brake cylinders started to show their age. First one side then the other so they've now been replaced with new and a set of new shoes. The brakes have bedded in and are as good as they're going to get in their present form. :- They stop really well if you press really hard - typical brakes reallly - no problems but hard work and a constant niggle that you wouldn't really want to have to test them for real.

    so... :) Ebay punt...

    Comes with M/C actuating rod and one way valve so I just need some pipe and a servo bracket. :)

    If it works... :?
  11. Are you going to paint it all up pretty lol
  14. One problem I know I'll have is that the pipe from the top-up reservoir in the cab won't reach the reservoir on the servo M/C. It's ali or stainless pipe in the cab, I haven't looked underneath yet. If it's the same it should be easy possible to extend it with some flexible pipe in the middle. :thinking:
  16. Reservoir's in the front panel nr the headlight bowl.
    At £45 posted - I couldn't resist the gamble with it being complete. I think most of the cack is underseal and the damp looks like brake fluid that's leaked out when he moved it as he claims. I have a good feeling about it. :)

    Passed MOT a couple of weeks ago. :)
  17. Well you had a good feeling about that exhaust i found and it turned out to be a corker so trust the force young jedi lol

    I take it you dont want to relocate the original res then dude?

    I only ask because ive seen them mounted on the bulkhead behind the driver or passenger seat before
  18. I'll do whatever's easiest - I'm lazy. Bulkhead's a good idea, I've seen them there too.
  19. Nice and easy to top up aswell id imagine
  20. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    .......... a bit unsightly on the bulkhead IMHO but if it makes life easier or you can disguise it then all's well :)

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