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  1. What with stuff being stuff, I decided I need a bus to cheer me up. I couldn't afford a proper one with nice big lights so I got a broken old one., and here it is. :)


  2. good starting point, just read your thread on EB..keep the pics coming ova here!
  3. nothing wrong with that zed, if i could see it :-
  4. ha now i can see it
  5. It'll need some curtains I think, and maybe some other parts inside.




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    might be a prototype but a bus is a bus. get it done and flog it on and get a proper bay next :)
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    Shoulda spent a little more n got a good un ;)
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  10. I wanted to get legal and go to JK Techenders in it, even if I slept in a tent - something to aim for and only 2 weeks to get it sorted, so I:
    Fitted rear screen
    Removed front screen, removed dash and tidied wiring, made flasher circuit from 5 relays.
    Rewired the horn to the steering wheel.
    Converted lights to UK spec
    Got slider working properly.
    Stripped and cleaned the carb, emptied the tank and put in fresh.
    Replaced all the fuel lines with marine grade.
    Got engine running, but not very well.
    Checked over brakes.
    Tightened rear castle nuts which were finger tight and no pins
    Removed steering column, ignition housing, steering box.
    Dismantled steering box, machined peg and re-assembled with new seals.
    Put steering back together.
    Replaced tie rods.
    Replaced 1 westy window with plain glass.
    Sourced/fitted engine lid catch.
    spruced up one cab door with all new seals/trim/ replacement opening 1/4 light.
    Kicked out the front a bit.
    Cleaned the dash top.
    Changed the drive shafts for ones without split boots (suspect the CV's were knacked - very dry).
    Replaced the windscreen and dash.
    Took for MOT today. Failed as I knew it would, but main thing no surprises.

    Here's the peg from the steering box with a flat on it that made the steering clunk - this bit is supposed to spin round at it traverses the worm. The box had been filled with grease, I guess after the seals gave up.
  12. Wow dude...that's like, years of work for us mortals ;D
  13. Back to the fail list...

    headlights pointing outwards - I'd overcompensated for the front being knocked in. :lol:
    Indicator wrong colour - I knew that
    All 4 ball joints worn - I've fitted Transporterhaus flipped spindles. Low enough for an old codger.

    No windscreen washer - leaky pump up valve
    Steering damper mis-shapen and unserviceable - actually it's fine now there's a bolt holding it at both ends.
    Engine lid does not catch - replaced missing catch
    Tyres mis-matched on same axle - new set on order
    Rear n/side tyre bulging - as above
    Parking brake rubbish - cleaned and adjusted while I lowered the rear
    Front brake imbalance - shoes were crud so replaced while I lowered the front.
    Serious corrosion with blah of steering component - there's a hole in the cab floor which I'll weld tomorrow. I may get both sides of the cab floor done tomorrow.

    I also replaced to 2nd westy window with plain glass and refixed the side cover trim with a couple of new clips. I know all the glass I've fitted is dirty, but I can assure you the edge inch or 2 is gleaming before I fit the rubbers. ;) I've got a lot to do and cleaning can wait.
  15. Hmm - got a bit carried away with the plans there. Actually spent most of the day freeing off the two adjustable tie rods, setting the tracking, camber, steering centres and box.

    The idea being that you get the two tie rods the same length, then adjust the tracking using both rods equally, which should end up with the steering idler arm centred. You need both rods to be adjustable with the flipped spindles to fit each end from underneath giving more chassis clearance, but of course it just complicates the matter.

    Then detach the drag link from the drop arm, centre the steering wheel by turning 1 3/8 turn from lock, make sure wheels point ahead and adjust the length of the drag link so all lines up. Doing this assures you are on the tightest bit of the steering box when you're driving straight ahead.

    When that was about right, I set the camber. This is most interesting. Please don't accept my word for it - read up on the services the well known "lowerers" offer. Nobody mentions camber, though they do say they set up the tracking. I found this to my cost when 10 or more years ago I had mine lowered and they basically screwed up the camber by ignoring it and made it undrivable. This was extreme with max +ve on one wheel and max -ve on the other, but it was a lesson learnt - this made it SO BAD to drive and then SO GOOD to drive once set correctly I can only assume anyone's buses that blow about in the wind are set wrong.

    Camber affects tracking, but not vica versa, so camber must be done first and if altered tracking must be reset. So I finally set the camber. I don't need to test drive because I know it will be good. What can so it'll be as good as it can be.

    You can see why a lot of campers don't drive very well. Bits have been replaced and adjusted ad-hoc over the last 40 years, but if you do all above (don't forget I rebuilt the steering box as well) you can expect a joyous driving experience. If not, you need new tyres as well. Simple.

    After all that, I fitted a cab door main seal and outer scraper for a little light relief. :)
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    Nice one dude !
  17. After welding up the cab floor and attending to the other fails, MOT duly passed - I've never had a re-test fail, that would be embaressing. ;)
    Actually, brakes were imbalanced, but it wasn't logged on, so I took it for a spin to sort it first(new shoes). It went like a spluttering old wreck! I think now is the time to service it while I wait for the reg to come through. I've got a manifold/head leak as well so it's time to give the engine some love. It steers, it stops, but it doesn't go and I can't camp in it. :(

    MOT (and other docs) in hand, I went to register it this afternoon, but Spike hadn't signed a form so I carried on and had a cup of tea with him.
    Register tomorrow - they say 2 working days so I may even get to TE.
  18. good going dude :)
  19. The engine's rather dirty...

  20. As I said earlier, I lowered it as the ball joints were u/s and it seemed a good time. Earlies look good lowered I think? I went the flipped spindles route to retain the supension geometry. For now it's down 1 spline at the rear.

    as was...

    as is at the moment.

    The tyres on the back look smaller than the front, but they're bigger. I'm going to put the rears on the front and get bigger rears. I'm playing with part worn tyres so they're happy to try a few.

    The back will be about 30-40mm lower when I've finished, so it'll take bigger tyres. With these tyres and the early gearbox I'll be revving the nuts and cruising at 50mph which is just not good enough.

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