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  1. I think one of the issues is that many owners are genuinely unaware of the condition their vehicle is in...or what parts may be missing/required.
    A reputable specialist will recommend certain work, essential or otherwise.....the key phrase being 'reputable' does a punter know whether a garage is reputable? By word of do we find out whether a garage is disreputable?.....
  2. In some respects you don't................ word does get around though we always moan about what is bad but rarely praise the good. I must say though naming and shaming in the public domain is a risky business. Most of us may have had a colleague in the past at work make a mistake which was potentially damaging to the business we worked for. It would be unfair to punish people for others mistakes.

    A slightly extreme case: In Dartford there is a Mercedes main dealer a disgruntled individual stood outside for weeks with a big board saying how bad Mercedes were and how rubbish the cars and customer service was. He had bought the car from another dealership and had never had any dealings with the one in Dartford but chose to drive "their" business away. Fair or not????? Depends on your point of view. In the case in this thread the first garage done some of the work right. Why were the heat exchangers changed? Did they have holes in them? I've got good heat exchangers etc and my heating is still terrible. Did the apprentice drill the holes in the gutters (has he been sacked?) We don't know.

    Just a note How hard is it to sack someone these days????? Quite hard so I understand so although my sympathy goes to anyone who has had bad service (including myself). There are right ways about doing things. Maybe standing outside the garage with a placard might be appropriate. But then a call to Dominic Littlewood could be the answer?

    On a positive note good recommendations are always best and that's what we are here for maybe a recommendation page would be good although i am sure in this day and age there's legal implications to that. Can't win I suppose. :(
  3. To the OP you're not alone.

    I'm afraid every VW mechanic I have used has let me down one way or another, its the problem with hobbyists trying to be professionals.

    In time and with a bit of saving I hope to get a T5 California, which hopefully will be a bit more reliable.
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  4. T5 bah humbug :p
  5. without knowing the ins and outs, I imagine that Merc owner would have exhausted the more conventional avenues to redress their concerns, before resorting to standing outside with a placard...but who knows....?
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    Personal recommendations are the only way and if anyone asks a pointed, 'What do you think of x' and there's little response or documented work (photos, restoration threads showing someone's recent work etc) then ask again, 'Who would the people of x recommend'. It can be a long winded way of doing it, but if you're parting with hard earned money it's the only way.
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  7. I'm sure he did but until recently when Mercedes took over running the dealership in Dartford (as many manufacturers seem to do now) this was a franchise owned by someone just like us. They got the bad kick back for someone elses mistake. Dartford was his local dealer and not the one that caused the problem. The point being is knee jerk reactions cause issues and also every action has a reaction. I'm sure the incident in Dartford is long forgotten now but how many staff missed their targets and bonus's because of people turning away by this man.

    Good point............ A term that sums everything up is fail to prepare prepare to fail. Do your homework first.

    next point I do indeed fail quite often :(
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    Another thing that seems to get people irate is waiting for parts to finish a job. There are some places that take your money before declaring that the essential bit is on backorder and currently sitting on a dock in America. One of the best things that 81a ever recommend us to do was accumulate the parts needed for Wilma' s restoration before John started. Garage bills creep up if the missing link takes 6months
  9. In fairness there's only 1 TLB'er than uses them now ,all the others learnt the hard way.
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  10. Which is where a good Forum comes in, someone to ask even if the detailed information is given via a PM. I know of two outfits that do a good job but that is only my opinion/experience.
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  11. But if you praise someone garage or supplier you run the risk of been told you shouldn't it should be the norm?
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    That's not true, it's why we have this section and product reviews. We welcome sponsors actively joining in, Heritage and Collar do a good job of answering people's queries and concerns. The tlb way is to do it fairly rather than all out slagging off threads.
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  13. Yes it is true there are posts to prove it
    And what has it got to do with all out slagging? I have praised Alex in particular and he has thanked me, im just saying if you recieve something in say 24 hours and comment on the service someone may come along and say that should be normal, i have seen it
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    Naming and shaming being frowned upon does nothing to help new / less savvy owners unfortunately (although I get the legal issues).
    Its all well and good saying people should ask about particular garages / areas, but that relies on the relevant people seeing those threads. Most people will do a search for a companies name; if nothing bad comes up they'll, rightly or wrongly, assume no bad reviews = good company to deal with.
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    naming and shaming will never happen on here. how many times have we had a rant thread on here that has turned out to actually be the customers fault! the legendary JK thread springs to mind. a good garage can make mistakes, a crap garage can do good work, customers can be complete knobsacks. we cant watch everyones back, but when people come asking for help it is generally given.This site is a great resource for people to tap into, generally people get the help/advice they are after and recommendations of reputable establishments from asking on threads.The OP was clearly too late, as are a lot of people and as will a lot more people be.
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  16. I agree with everything that's been said thus far regards positive reports and considering the outcome before slating someone for poor workmanship; I understand that there are almost always two sides to every story, but I still hold with my previous statement...amongst other things, forums are a place to exchange ideas and information...if I took my bus to a garage and they did a bad job, and then refused to acknowledge it or make amends, why should I wait until another unsuspecting victim posts a thread asking for info about the same scheisters, and on the off chance I should read it, PM them? Is it a crime to call a spade a spade?

    If someone has a grievance, and assuming they've tried the usual channels, they could always email the business in question with a link to the post....if they want to take issue with it they can...publicly....

    I don't use Twitter but I know for a fact that any business worth its salt monitors for bad press....and deals with issues promptly....maintaining a good reputation is paramount....its a win win for both the business and the customer
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    yes, it's racist.
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    Fork off!
  19. Quality. :thumbsup: :lol:
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    and this is where the problem lies! there have been too many instances where people have ranted without even contacting the company first

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