Name and shame?

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by busloverkent, Jan 28, 2015.

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    I wouldn't pay them though....
    That's why imho people should name crap garages; to stop others using them.
  2. Feel for you, been there, done that and the bus has sat round the corner since April last year. Hope you get sorted.
  3. Hampton Pier car park. Used to sail from HPYC just along the way.

    Its probably better to seek positive recommendations than to slag garages. But it sounds like neither of the two you tried actually wanted to do the work.

    After a while you get to know where the good places are - there is probably at least one in the Medway Towns.

    But some of the defects are probably quite easy to DIY once the garage has done the heavy work. Like checking the heater boxes to see if they have cables attached and linked to the levers at the front.

    And the rusty bits on the gutter can be stopped from worsening with a bit of Kurust and some filler
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  4. But then again you have the advantage having a rough idea of what to expect .
    Everyone`s got to start somewhere , unfortunatly the OP trusted the wrong people .

  5. The really bad ones yes, but sometimes the customer is wrong too. :D
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    Might have missed this on your previous posts but is this your first aircooled ? Be aware that your heating is never going to be as good as in a modern water cooled car :lol: if you paid for a set of repro heat exchangers and that was all you got then it doesn't sound like you've been scammed. If you paid for them to go through the complete heating system and paid a lot of money for that work then its a different matter

    Sorry to hear of your troubles but you've found the right forum for info and knowledge :thumbsup:
  7. Funny how many people do after the first few garage bills. :)
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    I think most of us have been ripped off by a garage at some point. Like you, I became determined to do it all my self ....which was what got me into classic vehicles
  9. I think people need to be realistic sometimes about what they've got. If you've got a 40yr old van that hasn't been looked after, you'll have a multitude of small problems that would cost a fortune to sort in one go. It could be that the heat exchangers did need changing, but as well as that the concertina pipes are knackered, the Y section has rotted out, the central metal pipe has rotted out under it's insulation, the diverter is rusted shut in wrong position, the corrugated tube is holed, the exchanger cables are rusted solid and the screen ducts are loose.
    Would you be willing to pay the £200-£300 + parts for them diagnose and sort the problem after the exchangers have been done?
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  10. A good few years ago a very reputable vw specialist in Bolton who used to service my bus decided to leave a pair of mole grips on a front brake line. I spun the van on braking further down the road. I threw the grips at the guy and never went back. Shoddy and dangerous. The last lot who worked on my bus stole bits off it and never actually finished the work . The peeps I currently go to I can't fault but they only do the stuff I can't do myself and when I'm a bit more flush they will most likely be attacking the rust! Then again I know people who don't like them. Seems that those who are cheap are sloppy and those who are expensive are greedy. Try using someone that drives one!
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  11. thats cock really. If they weren't even knowledgeable enough to know that list and warn the owner.... You quite obviously do and would and having seen some of your work then yer probably in a different league. Don't defend people that aren't like you. There are loads of shonkey so called experts out there.
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    Whilst I agree it's best if things are done right first time, not going back and complaining is not the way to go, if they admit mistakes , sort it satisfactorily or offer some recompense then fair doos, if at that point they don't sort it then it's name and shame time.
  13. Loads of replys written and all deleted its a hard one for sure on how to approach this
  14. I'd have no hesitation in publicly denouncing a professional tradesperson who's done a p*ss poor by their standards, die by their standards IMO
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    Naming and shaming whilst often the 'right thing' can lead to consequences for this site. There's a North West garage that will never be allowed to be named after the owner going all legal. He didn't really think it through; good reviews won't be mentioned either :D
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  16. To be honest, I'm with Doug entirely on this.. If they have been given a chance to explain themselves and sort it out and refused then they fully deserve it.

    And the argument 'we've all been done over at some point, think of it as experience' is just ridiculous in my eyes.
    Perhaps if people named and shamed more often, that wouldnt be the case?? Its people just accepting it that causes it to happen so often.

    Although, I do have to concede the whole 'legal' thing.. That is an issue, and it would be unfair for any backlash to be taken out on the forum/mods, as its nothing to do with them. Recommendations are the way to go, and here is the place to find them... Any question, just ask, many here will know the answer.
  17. It's really not though. :) Of course I wouldn't defend the second garage who sound like cowboys, but my point is that how many people are willing to spend the money properly sorting stuff? We don't know both sides of the story here(which is part of my problem with these sorts of threads), but for all we know the story might be that the OP goes to the garage, says 'my heating doesn't work'. The mechanic looks under the van and says 'your heat exchangers are shot, that might be the problem'. The OP says 'how much?' And when the mechanic says £350 including parts, they complain that it's expensive. So does the mechanic then spend an additional day sorting the other problems knowing they might refuse to pay the extra?

    No offence intended to the OP by the way, if you said to them 'fix my heating, I'll pay what it costs' and they didn't do it, then you have the right to be peed off. If not, take it back, say it still doesn't work, and that you'll pay them to do it. If they're a vw specialist, it should be an easy job, just time consuming.:)
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  18. So who was that then? ;)
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    How about a recommended garages section and a section of garages that people wouldn't recommend , no details other than pm'a :).

    The problem as @brothernumberone says is if the vans have been neglected for some time a quick look over by someone who knows their stuff will have a list of jobs and parts, a thorough going over will have a bigger list and more costs, at £50 an hour to spend a day sorting lots of little issues and a stack of parts is going to get expensive add a service some brakes and it's easy to hit £1-2k which is a huge amount BUT it doesn't mean by definition that the customers are being ripped off, so you get the flip side, garages only pointing out essential work as its cheaper and in an attempt to try and help customers keep their old vehicles on the road without huge bills, the problem is that after a few years of this they all become essential and once again BIG bills, the question from the customer "well it was fine when it was last checked or my previous garage carried out the work", it's a no win situation, big bills =rip off, low bills = rip off :(
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  20. It's the principle of the thing....if, for whatever reason, you're unable to carry out a repair yourself, and decide to have it done by a paid professional, the onus is on the service provider to undertake that repair with the following caveat:

    any work or service provided should be carried out-
    • With reasonable care and skill (the standards of skill is that of an 'average practitioner in that field', unless otherwise agreed).
    • In a reasonable time (if there is no specific time agreed).
    • Or a reasonable charge (if no fixed price was set in advance).
    Any goods or parts fitted as part of the contract must be of :

    • Satisfactory quality
    • Fit for their purpose
    • As described
    A verbal contract is doesn't have to be written down beforehand, although this will afford both parties more protection in the event of a dispute.

    Ultimately, the OP was not satisfied with the service s/he received and has a right to dispute it...if the provider refuses to accept that their work was unsatisfactory, and the OP can demonstrate that the terms of the 'contract' weren't met, then aside from a small claims appeal, there's little recourse but to name and shame...
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