Name and shame?

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  1. That sounds awful, the specialist in Birchington seems to have misdiagnosed the heating problem and the gutters should have been done better but you say the rest of the work was fine? A lot of garages are run on a shoestring as costs can be high... long hours etc so they may not get the phone etc.. You should talk to them and voice your concerns maybe give them a second chance on something easy. How many staff have they? One bad egg etc! The second garage sound like a bunch of cowboys (maybe) Sometimes knowing someones limitations is best? But as Rick says above check first.
  2. Ok Ricky thanks - so, has anyone had any dealings with David Martin from Retro Resto in Canterbury? That's where it is now...he seems like a genuine guy?
  3. Forgot to say nice looking bus :chewie:
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    always if i were using anyone to work on my bus (and i didn't know them off here) i would research 1st before i let it out my sight, i'm lucky i can do a lot myself and i have a few good friends i met through this site for stuff i can't do.
    i feel really sorry for guys and girls who come here AFTER it's gone tits up, i haven't heard of the 3rd chap you mention but hopefully all this doesn't taint the experience for you.
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    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    (for a panel convert) :lol:
  6. its gonna be fab - changing to Vauxhall Atlantic Blue and full size bed plus buddy seats trimmed by Delilahs :)

    New bumpers being fitted as we speak.....tempted by twin webbers.....
  7. Don't think twins would make much difference with a beetle exhaust fitted , nice looking bus ...I like the colour it is now ...
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  8. i think i have used one of them few years back now , you look like you were parked at hampton in that pic , their are good and bad around . Where are you ?
  9. what are you having done next ? pm if you prefer .
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    Sorry to hear you had a bad time dude.

    Seems a bit harsh wanting to name and shame when you say yourself you are new to bus ownership. I would put it down to experience. I know a good rant on t'internet gets it off your chest, but it remains there on t'internet and there is only the one side to read as the accused barely see's it until it is too late.

    Myself, I would discourage people from using them when you can, but not through the medium of a open forum. just my opinion.
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    IF I had work done anywhere that wasn't right, and the garage wouldn't correct it to my satisfaction, I'd name them every time.
    I really don't get why anyone wouldn't? I'm not talking about making anything up, but giving an honest, personal experience based, review.
    I'd tell the garage I was going to do it so they could come on and explain their side if they thought I was in the wrong.
    I'd feel a bit of a dick if a garage I knew was pony, ripped someone else off who I could have warned.
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  12. thanks - it looks better in the pics than in real life!! Anyway probably save the money on carbs for now as badly needs new doors!
  13. Hi

    The profile pic is by my garage (Sheppey kent) and the posted pics are Herne Bay! At the moment its in to fix all the stuff the other people messed up then off to Cornwall for body and paint, then new bed and buddy seats!
  14. Well this has definitely divided opinion so have gone with not naming unless PM'd as a compromise!

    thanks for all your input guys, will let you know how I get on with the 3rd garage!
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  15. I'd advise you try a garage out with one simple job and see how that goes/what it costs before you jump in with a big list, or a recommendation from someone you trust. I know it's hard to find a mechanic you trust, I used to take mine 60 miles and come back on the train! Eventually I realised it would be quicker fixing it myself.
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    So would I but I'd definately give them a chance to talk to me about the quality of work and offer them a chance to correct it if necessary.
    I think it's too easy to feel disgruntled about work done but be too shy to complain personally to the garage concerned.
    Word of mouth is critical when running a small business and if one of my pupils was dissatisfied with my teaching I'd be mortified if they started slagging me off without giving me a chance to explain or correct the problem.
    There is also the possibility that the customer may not, in fact, be right.
    The trouble with the Internet is that the comments are there forever (or in the case of TLB until the next crash).
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    I thought I'd made it clear that I'd give them the chance to rectify the issue.
    If I didn't; I would.
  18. Where are you getting the body and paint done in Cornwall? Cowboys live there as well!:(
    Then there is Ben Lewis, 'Evil Ben' if you want a 'Proper Job' as they say in Kernow:thumbsup:
  19. sometimes you have to go with your gut and just take it as an experience too , you may live to regret going back. not going back can sometimes be the wisest and cheapest option too .
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  20. I get the impession that if a garage is prepared to let vehicles out of the door as poorly `repaired` as the OP says they really won`t give a rats arse about getting a slagging on an internet forum ...
    There`ll be another newbie along next week - they simply won`t care because the you paid the bill ..

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