Name and shame?

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by busloverkent, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. Hello all

    I am fairly new to this and also to bus ownership - bought my 79 bay for £6000 a couple of months ago and am in the process of getting him ready for this Spring.

    I had thought in my naïve way that every garage would love and cherish him as I do however I have been bitterly disappointed in the service from two garages in the South East.

    So do I name and shame - what's the norm for your guys with this kind of thing? It made me feel sad and disappointed and made me think "what have I done??" but I think I have now found someone decent!

    Many thanks

  2. name and shame mate, stop anyone else taking theirs to experience the same fate!
  3. rickyrooo1

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    we don't tend to on here to be honest, if you've had a bad experience and others have it will be known on the "net" anyway, it could just be a bad one off and you could ruin someones livelyhood in my opinion.

    who is it then?
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  4. its hard enough finding somewhere you trust without finding out the hard way in the mean time surely?
  5. ^ I'd go with what Rick says, unless it was something life endangering, then I'd name them!

    But, I guess by naming and shaming them, the thread may get pulled..but its your call!
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  6. rickyrooo1

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    surely one person naming and shaming may ruin an otherwise untarnished reputation..... i dunno, personally through experience this forum doesn't do it.
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  7. Looks like a lovely devon ,lets see some pictures then :)
    As for naming and shaming it really depends on what they have or haven't done in my opinion.
  8. Maybe a sundowner?
  9. rickyrooo1

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  10. I suppose the question may be are they inherently bad garages or did they just take on work they weren't qualified for or beyond their normal comfort zone?

    As Rick says bad publicity can ruin someones livelihood. Also should you "slag" someone off there may be legal consequences. Have they got a Facebook page? Maybe post some constructive/factual criticism but not on here :(. Office of fair trading/trading standards is where you should be heading IMHO. Have you complained to them and got a written response? Whats their side of the story? "Revenge" is a dangerous gift. Sorry for the lecture but I work in a garage and there is always two side to every story.:cool:
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    We wouldn't automatically pull a name and shame thread but I'd go along with @rickyrooo1 and @MorkC68 - we don't generally do it. There are two sides to every story and we often only get one of those on here.
    There are often threads asking for recommendations and there is nothing to stop you sending a private message with your experiences.
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    As a past owner of an automotive business, and having just watched some friends go through the mill and having their business name get dragged bigtime through the mire online, the customer is not always right.

    I am not saying that you are in the wrong on this occasion, and I've been tucked up myself in the classic scene so there are some utter shysters out there - but publicly presenting one side of a case is always bad news.

    How about encouraging anyone in the SE that might be considering work to contact you on PM and that way you can express your thoughts without it being public record.
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  13. Hi folks

    Well that divided opinion - well spotted Lord Congi it is indeed a sundowner!

    Ok well here is an overview...

    First it went to a specialist in Birchington - really friendly guy Matt dealt with me, very knowledgeable. Very hard to get in contact with the company though as the phone only goes through to an unmanned office....went in for several jobs one of which was to fix the heating - they fitted new heat exchangers and said "it should work now" but still no heating. Also was leaking at the rear due to no drain holes in the guttering - they cut some really rough holes in the gutter but didn't treat them so now going rusty. Fitted new clutch and did engine service - all ok. Worse than this was an small garage in Margate - went in to fit new front beam, complete lock set and vacuum distributor with Pertronix ignition (all from JK). So they fitted the beam and half the locks ("didn't have time") and left the heater tube in the back as it "wouldn't fit back on" Didn't fit dizzy as "they are rubbish". Since discovered that they did not refit the steering damper and now the gear linkage fouls on the beam to cant go from 3rd to 2nd. Bus is now horrendous to drive. You may ask why I didn't take it back to either garage but I felt that if their work is that sloppy I don't really want them touching it again. So now its with another garage who I hope will be 3rd time lucky!
  14. I wonder how much been named affects someone?
    One particular eng builder has been named and shamed more than once on both Vzi and EB but people seemed to keep getting suckered in
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    And one of them has stolen your bumper :eek:
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  16. rickyrooo1

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    so these are "run of the mill" places not vw specialists?
  17. Hi Ricky I have PM'd you the names

  18. I know its unbelievable! Although funny you should say that, I have heard stories of vans coming back from the first garage with bits missing....
  19. rickyrooo1

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    i see them, i've heard nothing of them BUT i'm not based in the south.without sounding a tw@ i think they've seen you as a "new camper owner" and done you over as a soft touch there's loads of "general" stories much the same on the net..... "new owner living the dream garage takes advantage" for future reference ask on forums 1st ask for recommendations then go to the place.
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