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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Rustydiver, Feb 1, 2015.

  1. Got a new flying toy, that's why I havnt been on here's much.
    And I got bord the other day so I pimped it up UFO style
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  2. Wow! How high can it go?
  3. In theory my transmitter could send it a mile or more up but I have mine set to a maximum off 90meters up as the Civil Aviation Authority rules law say that you can only go upto a maximum off 400 ft/ 121 meters and 500 meters away that is with a camera fitted with no camera fitted There is no max altitude or if you are flying FPV camera And goggles up to 1000 ft.
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  4. I need one of these in my life!
  5. I hope you have third party insurance before you go flying:thinking:
  6. Moons

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    Preparing for the summer back garden sunbathing action I see :)

    That's an epic bit of kit...was it strong money?
  7. I bought it as a complete kit form it's a dji f550. The kit itself is not a bad price it's all the add on bits you can get for it that cost.
    Flying it in gps mode it's unbelievable how stable it is took it out the ther day on a windy day put it up 20mtrs and it just stayed there on full gps mode without moving much. Switched it to atti mode and it's kept it's height (altitude mode) but started to drift quick. Back in gps stable.
    It also has a cleaver IOC mode it remembers its take off point and no matter which way it's pointing left stick, right stick, forwards and backwards is simply that.
  8. If you zoom into the first photo in the middle ish horizon you can work out Hinkley Point power stn and a big blue fence around it where the are starting to build a new power station.
    Now to drive there it's nearly 10 miles
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    They are bloody cool pictures!
  10. Thats a cool toy:thumbsup:
  11. I might charge up a few batteries for tomorrow and if I have to stay in school all day I might head across the farmers field next to the school and play at lunch time. Luckily enough I know the farmer and he's ok with me driving throught the middle odd the field.
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  12. This is one off the fields I'm allowed to use. My school is just the other side off the plowed field.
    That's a nice pond to fish in too ;-)
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