Mobile tuner wanted......

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by The Little Camper Company, Nov 30, 2015.

  1. To set up my twin carbs before I throw petrol all over it and set alight to it :mad:

    I'm in north London

    Please help!
  2. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    Do you still travel @Fish ?
  3. What carbs, what engine?
  4. Fish

    Fish Administrator

    Yes. Any carbs or engine. doesnt matter.
  5. @Fish do you cover the north London area
  6. Fish

    Fish Administrator

    Yes. I'm near Bedford so only takes a trip down the m1.
  7. G
    great, what do you charge?
  8. Fish

    Fish Administrator

    PM sent
  9. Just VW or Ford 2.3 V6, Solex carb, ox184ne? :)
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  10. He's very reasonable.
  11. Fish

    Fish Administrator

    That depends on the customer! ;)
  12. Fish

    Fish Administrator

    Vw only, Sorry. Half the issues with Carbs are the engine they're on and I'm not known as FordFish!
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