Mike Leather https://www.wayoutwestie.com/

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by rob.e, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. I've had some problems with my Weber 34 ICT carbs and i found this guy via google.

    Mike Leather https://www.wayoutwestie.com/

    Mike has a lot of experience with ICTs and ran them on his own bus which he's taken on some mega adventures including a trip across the states.


    Mike came to my house and worked all day on the carbs. Mike's a great guy, very knowledgable, helpful and honest - spent a day fettling in my garage; he removed and stripped both carbs, cleaned, adjusted and rebuilt with the new parts, refitted, balanced and setup the linkage and installed the Huco pump. The bus runs way better now. V pleased with the results.

    I'd recommend Mike very highly.
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    That sounds like something I could do with, what part of the country is he in?
  3. Sorry should have said - he's St Albans but will travel to you. Suggest give him a shout and say i sent you. :)

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