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  1. I don’t know about pre 1970 but after 1970 you can find the full chassis number from the M-Plate but you can’t find the M-Plate details from the chassis number.

    From ’70 to ’79 the first group of numbers on the top line on the M-Plate are the last 8 digits of the chassis number. The first two digits of the chassis number are the model type and that’s shown on the M-Plate in the last group of numbers on the bottom line. It will always start with 2 (VW Type 2), then
    1 = Van
    2 = Microbus
    3 = Kombi
    4 = Microbus Deluxe
    6 = Pick-up
    7 = Ambulance
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  2. Anyone know what A71 is on the m plate?
  3. image.jpg
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  4. Hi, thanks for the help and links above.
    Got my M code , and checked it with the above help,
    also got birth certificate from the VW Museum.
    Needed to get the dates right and proof etc, as it's an import.
    I'm tax free in April.......yeehaa, :D:D :cheers:
    £245 in my pocket to spend on the bus in another way, lol :lol:

    Am if I'm correct, with the new MOT rule coming in on 20th May this year.........no more MOT's either
    (I believe they are voluntary, and vehicle still has to be road worthy) :thumbsup:
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  5. Is this M plate decoder down? I can't connect with my piddle pad or pooter?
  6. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Yes I think it is. :(
  7. Is this M plate decoder down? I can't connect with my piddle pad or pooter?
    All the years I've had VW's for, and I've never had a tax exempt one....now it looks like I'm getting close, I can't find out!
    Right, can anyone confirm whether the numbers '19 1' in the bottom left of the m-plate mean manufacture date of 13th November, or 23rd October? I know it means the first day of the 19th week of the 1978 model year (which started August the first 1978), but after all that digging, just when I could confirm it, there it was, gone!
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    Poptop2 Moderator

    Have a search through here

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  9. Yeah , thanks......that's where I've done some of my digging (as well as other ones, including German ones, where I'm guessing what they're talking about!).
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    I have his book somewhere. It seems to have been filed safely through.
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  11. According to the bottom left corner, it's definately made 19th week, first day, of the 1979 model year, which starts from the first of August 1978...... The trouble is, I don't know how they count the weeks! I've got a 1978 calendar. I might have to bite the bullet (next payday!) and get a data certificate from the Wolfsburg museum, but I would like to know if it's worth it for this year, before I shell out.
    I think if it's correct, my bus is tax exempt now, rather than having to wait till April next year?

    But, I have been out on a fire all night, and I'm not thinking straight!
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    You don't need to pay to get confirmed build date.
    There's an email address on here somewhere.....
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    T'is here:


    Email them as much info as you can, VIN no. / Registration etc and they'll email you back various info.
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  14. Spot on! Thanks guys......ill give it a go and let you know what they say
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  15. Email sent, with a namecheck for the late bay forum!

    See what happens.......are they usually quick to respond?
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    Within about a week apparently!
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  17. Perfect!
  18. Nothing yet, but it's a week on Friday...
  19. Still nothing back. I did get a mail asking for my full postal address though, so they have received it.
    I’ve sent it again, for good measure!
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Fear not young Jedi; it’ll turn up.
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