Looking for a reputable "East Midlands" mechanic who "loves" late bays..

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Bunrab, Dec 31, 2015.

  1. Hi, I have just purchased a 1978 Riviera and will inevitably need the services of a local garage or two. I don't have any contacts built up yet so really wanted to ask if there are any midlands based people on this forum who use a reputable mechanic so I can start forging a relationship in advance ready for work(s) to be done on Mabel.

    Would anyone please be able to suggest any garage. I would only want to use somewhere that comes with a personal recommendation and prefably a garage that will allow me to watch (if it acceptable for garage health and safety) whilst certain works are undertaken so I can learn whilst people work on Mabel "on the job" as I have a real interest in completing more work myself over the years and growing my understanding of my type4 pancake engine...

    Many thanks
    Elizabeth (Bunrab x)
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  2. Good luck - sure there`ll be someone along shortly ...

    Something to think about is Techenders in April - very laid back and ask anything , thoroughly recommended for a chilled out repair session :thumbsup:

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  3. I do believe it will be compulsory for me to bring Mabel along, by then I will have road testerd her enough to know the issues I have and advice I need :)

    Elizabeth x
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  4. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

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  5. I agree. Had good service with both. Malc at Newark looks after any issues I have.
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  6. Type 4 engines require less in the way of maintenance than an upright type 2 motor if only in the fact that it could have hydraulic lifters. I f it has, it might be worthwhile fitting (if it hasn't got already) electronic ignition, then it'd be an oil change on service and nowt else.
  7. I would endorse Simon at Absolute VW, done a lot of work for me and it has been excellent. He really knows VW's!
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  9. What Bobdogs says. But they are in Burton on the Wolds next to Wymeswold :p
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  10. I'm going to take a look at this place as castle d isn't far away and I had a recommendation at busfest about him so it's sounding good.

    Elizabeth x
  11. Make sure your wallet is full ;)
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  12. You mean my Husband's wallet! ;-)
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  13. Might be an idea to get a couple of quotes before committing to having the work done.....some of these 'specialists' are quite good at making up silly prices!
  14. ron


    Revesby garage ain,t too bad old vw specific man shows at Skegfest and others
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  15. I'm going to do a quick, 'plus eleventy' on Simon at Absolute, I've been going to him since he was still at university and working part time for the old Pirate VW mob.
    There is also Steve at Johnson Autoworks out in the sticks at Wymeswold who is also a very decent bloke with a fine reputation.
    Mention my name at either.

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