Looking for a Crew Cab Pick Up

Discussion in 'Late Bay Classifieds' started by Jestermans, Jan 28, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys - Son in Law is looking to buy a Crew Cab - needs to be a good one as he's going to use it day to day ( he's had Buses before so knows the highs and lows this will entail ::) ) for his Carpenter /Joiner Business. So if you know of one let me know- £6k Budget available.
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  3. Cheers M8 - he's got a £6 k budget so that one is bit of reach :thinking:
  4. Here you go, Fish is selling one :)
  5. Honky

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    6k is a great budget for a commercial bay. You'll get a good one for that.
  6. FBI have some right now. Need some work but within your budget. I'd have them both if I had he available funds and space right now.

    That eBay 79 looks nice, downside is its a 79. Last of the bays and will rot in front of your eyes, no need for a time lapse camera

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  8. Thanks guys for the help - as I understand it the're checking out Fish's Crewy 8)
  9. Update - Crewie is now in 'the family' - thanks guys O0 That's now one Westy, One Crew, One Caravelle, and the old dog ear'd Passat - Ms J has a touch of the German's to but that's a Z4 and we don't talk about that C:)

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