WANTED Lhd sliding door lock

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  1. Ok, so after a weekend on fettling I decided to re-key the locks to work off one key, all went fine until I did the sliding door lock, the re-key went fine but noticed that the rear part of the lock barrel is missing, the cranked lever that is secured on the back with a star clip (see pic)

    So, has anyone got a scrap lock or cranked lever they are willing to part with, I don't need the key or barrel just the cranked lever ,

    It is the star clip type and not the aftermarket screw type

    Any help would be great, I don't really want to spend 50 on a new lock just for a lever

    Thanks Adrian

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  4. That's all i can ask

  5. Anyone know if the part I'm after is actually handed?
  6. Anyone before I purchase a whole lock just for the rear bit
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    I don’t think so
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    not yet
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  9. Ok I can wait till you check

  10. @davidoft

    Just a gentle reminder

    Not a nag, a reminder

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  11. Any luck, ?
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    Nah , not got a spare
  13. Ok thanks for looking
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  14. Alright man, I think I have the handle from the slider in my old doner bus. Although it was a 79 it had an early door on it with the lock barrel in the handle. I never had a key and always had to do the ‘reach around’ method to lock and unlock. Might what you need be on there? I can’t really tell from the pic what you need? Ill be playing with oil tomorrow and can have a butchers. It’s a n/s door but that wouldn’t matter, no?

    edit, just looked at the pix again properly. Sorry, not sleeping atm and have brain fog. It’s the ‘pan handle’ bit you want right? Pretty sure I have it
  15. Hi mate, If you can post a pic of what you have it might be the part I'm after,

    Thanks Adrian
  16. Ah, bad news I think mate. This is all I have. I think the very piece you’re after is missing. I must have been remembering the one on my replacement - unless it’s a different system being off an early door…sorry bud… 628CDBDF-C353-480F-9930-079B00BB6F29.jpeg
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  17. No probs thanks for looking
  18. I have the bit you are looking for if your not fixed up yet.
    Its still attached to the door lock with the spring clip and i don't fancy
    trying to remove it incase it breaks.
    You can have the lock for £15 posted if you want it.
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