Late bays through the years

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    ok this is a good basic basis to start from. do not take it as gospel as i'm sure there is more to add

    1972, crossdresser
    note, square rear vents, early style bumpers and early low front lights

    note early style around the sliding door handle with key in handle


    and also there is a petrol flap,


    introduction of larger bumpers and high front indicators


    note the sliding door handle has changed, the key is now in the door


    and there is no filler flap


    the new brazilian baywindows
    note the front radiator on the newer water cooled models, new style bumpers, doors have ribbed areas at bottom and the roof is different. also have a vw polo engine in the rear


    the earlier brazillians were still aircooled

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    hi i have a bay window 1973 model it has locks in the handles but has high indicators is this a early or late bay
    thank you ken
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    late bay mate :) square cooling vents or crescent shape is the easiest way to see
  4. It's a late if it's got high indicators. The lock incorporated into the door handle was a '69-'73 feature.
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    Bump for ploptop :)
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    The quirky little 72 high light .

    Ok, so you think you have a text exempt late bay T2b well you have! great, result. only you haven't quite well not quite! confused? read on.

    The type 2A prototype window camper successful as it was did not meet the sedan safety requirements for US import: so in 1971 vw began the process of upgrading the very successful prototype to meet strict us safety regulations .

    The crossdresser we all know came into being. Ok so this vehicle never really cut it with US bureaucracy so it then morphed into the marvelous fantastic late bay - great.

    Only it was not a straight change over, the early crossdresser production was not just stopped at midnight Aug the 1st 1972, No it was a complex issue for the VW works, tooling was like now: a very big consideration both cost wise and installation wise. VW probably waited for the august holidays and then did the tooling upgrade and when the workers came back off their breaks they came back to a new production process.

    The early crossdresser had a new front end fitted, nothing else just a new front, the rest of it remained as was in 1971, when the prototype had first been revamped, you know when the rear removable valance was replaced etc.

    So if you have a tax exempt or early ( pre feb ) 73 model you most likely have a late crossdresser model and when ordering bits rear of the front panel it may be advisable to specify it is a crossdresser .

    In or around Aug 73 the full on late bay that we have come to know and love began coming out of production, no rear filler cap , new steering column , steering wheel etc .

    That's it - you own a late crossdresser. A 73 model year bus.

    Or is it a early late ?

    Your call, just remember to order parts for a crossdresser but not the front panels !

    This is a link to a discussion about them.
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  7. Might be difficult getting the right parts, but you can get them, now try to do that with a Type 4?
  8. Quick Question, my Dad has just picked up a project 72 Bay with i think westfalia front pop up but it has high front indicators, is that a variant or been modded?
  9. @poptop2
    He knows the late cross over I think :thumbsup:
  10. Anyone know if the water cooled Brazilian bay's chrome bumper fits a late bay 1974?
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    built 72 ready for 73 i'd guess, what bumpers has it got?
  12. Its got late bumpers, read an article, and it looks like a late crossdresser(72 high lights), its got filler cap cover, internal spare wheel space, different steering column and box, locks in handles, 72 year only rear brakes plus a few other slight variations, bitsa before they rolled out the true lates lol
  13. Can be made to fit but you would need to weld in the captive nuts into the deformation panel.
  14. Thanks
  15. I have one on mine btw! I used to have a fibreglass one fitted to the original holes but then fitted a new deformation panel and decided to go for a steel one

    This is the old one

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  16. New one!

  17. he photos well!! Tar.
  18. hailfrank

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    Photos updated.

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