Late Bay Viking stolen from Moseley, Birmingham

Discussion in 'Stolen!' started by Louey, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. A friend of mine has had his Camper stolen from Moseley last night (Sunday 29th Sept). Not sure of all the details yet but I will update as and when.
    PM me if you see it please.
  2. Wilco.
  3. Pur something on facebook and put the link here so it can be shared. Reach loads more people.
  4. ^^^ WHS

    And also try twitter and local newspaper.
  5. I've shared this on the Stolen VW Register on Facebook. Hope it gets found.
  6. A question on security - would a wheel clamp help keep our buses safe. Not saying it will stop a determined thief but help to some degree.
  7. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Anything is better than nothing - however do a search on here as this has been discussed many many times!!

    That's 3 buses in the last 2 months - when will this never ending surge of professional bus thefts stop for pity's sake?
  8. That's crap to hear mate- I'm looking for a bus like this at the mo so will keep my eyes peeled across internet land and locally around Cambs, not many Super vikings out there with factory windows so should be quite distinctive...

    Best of luck for a safe return,

  9. linked on Stolen VW Campers & Beetles and shared on my Facebook page..hope it gets found :(
  10. When money-grabbing c*nts stop charging ridiculous prices for rusty old sh*te and kn*bs like us stop paying thru the nose for it

    Really sorry to hear about your mate's bus...he must be gutted....I know how attached we can get to them
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  11. Sorry to hear ,will look out for.
  12. will keep eyes peeled down here too, hope he gets it back .
  13. Was there anything particular about this bus in terms of exterior or interior that a thieving 2@ wouldn't recognize was special or unique?

    Also, as an open question to everybody....what do you think happens to stolen buses?
    Repainted and plated, shipped abroad or broken for parts?
  14. I spotted an organized bike theft ring on Ebay....watched it for about three months....high end mountain bikes being sold as "upgraded" thru Southampton. Bikes were nicked and various bits changed (forks and wheels mainly). Then you'd see another high end bike "upgraded" being sold in Manchester, or Liverpool, with the forks off the one in S/Hampton and so on....once I clocked it, it was obvious...Told the Police, told Ebay...nothing happened! Still going on...c*nts:mad:
  15. Moons

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    I was being ironic.

    3 buses in 2 months, that's a heady 18 buses a year, must be keeping these crime rings in luxury cars and holidays all year round.

    Ultimately until the insurance companies get off their arses and bankrupt convicted serial car thieves through the courts it won't change. But then why would they, they just up the premium and as its law to have it pay.

    Unless of course everyone went third party only.
  16. Good luck in finding your van, it a terrible thing when scumbags start a trend of nicking classics. I read of loads of classic minis being stolen and broken for parts
  17. Well I can't say how am feeling about this, but the guy who had it stolen must feel 10 times what am feeling.
    Will keep a look out for this in Leicester and on gumtree/ebay. They seem to be the way things get moved around.
  18. that must be a terrible shock to find it missing....:(

    it looks quite distinctive ..:thinking:

    will keep eyes peeled around northants...
  19. Zed


    What looks distinctive about it? It looks like a baby blue and white standard camper to me...

  20. its not rusty ,
    has the huge viking roof and the tyre cover on the front ...would stick out for me if i saw it ...:hattip:

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