Late Bay bus hire in Cornwall...

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Moo, Dec 21, 2015.

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    OK, so maybe a vast majority of the people on here won't need our services, but... if anyone's heading down for a week or so away, and have mates that need tempting/encouraging/other over to our way of thinking, Mrs Moo and I have just taken the reins of Fistral Bays Camper hire... I'm sure we may even be able to negotiate a wee bit of a TLB discount ;-)

    Anyway, we've taken over the Facebook page as of tonight (, and further work will be going into the existing website soon (

    Currently we're running a '73, but we've also got another '73 on the way (getting it ready for new roof and paint as we speak), a '77 tintop that's just landed on British shores and should be with us in time for Chrimbo, and, a '74 Jurgens that should be with us early in the NewYear.

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    Good luck with the venture.
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    Thanks mate.
    All I wanted was a way to justify getting another bus... and it's 'accidentally' snowballed from there :eek: ;)
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    I just buy one and cry a lot if she takes it off me.;)
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