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  1. Saw a pair of US spec side marker reflectors advertised in their ebay store for a tenner delivered....bargain! Bought them then thought it might've been too good to be true so I emailed them to make sure it was a pair and not a mistake. Turned out it was a listing error but with no quibbling at all they apologised and honored it. Fair play, as I've known suppliers try to wriggle out of this kind of thing or try to charge more. Kudos to KK.....great service, and I'll probably use them more now I know their aftersales care is worthy of the title :)
  2. Why didn't you tell us first before pointing out their mistake :rolleyes:
    Need a set myself :(
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  3. it was a clearance item apparently....was the last one but they managed to find another to make a pair for me.
    JK and heritage sell them but not at a tenner a pair to your door lol
  4. I bought my bus from KK 6 years ago and their service then was brilliant.
  5. First time I've used them.....largely because i thought they only really did resto's and complete vehicles, but I'd use them again if this is an example of their service ethic :)
  6. Ive heard only good things about them @IZZYBAY also knows them.
  7. I think they have moved now but they used to have a really cool shop in Southend
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  8. Andy at KK is a great chap! he's personally dropped stuff off to me in the past when ive been up against it. I always check with them first if I'm after something as they're only down the road from me. :)
  9. yeah they moved to an old pub near Southend fc. still a cool shop but I liked the aladins cave appeal of their old place :)
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    Bought a cab door from them in perfect condition and well packed ,good service from them
  11. Popped in a few weeks ago for a chat with Paul and he showed me round the new premises, they have some fantastic old 911's in the workshop and some other collectable makes on 'the go' Bought our 'IZZY' from them 4 years ago and are always helpfull.
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