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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by JT1, Sep 9, 2015.

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    Credit where it's due to JK.
    In June 2103, i.e. over two years ago I bought a 1/4 light catch to replace a broken one in my 75 bus.
    Other things got in the way - such as a cracked cylinder head and steering work so the catch wasn't fitted until earlier this month. Snotty kindly suggested the way to replace it so it was replaced but it didn't fit - it was about 10mm too long.
    Today I contacted JK who asked for a photo which was duly despatched and within a couple of hours a response was received form Roger at JK who said that in 2013 they'd had problems with these, had quarantined the stock, apologised and was sending a replacement. Overall quite a result and JK have gone up in my estimation.:thumbsup:
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    Nice to read, personally I've always had good service from them.
  3. They sort of saved me when they were open for 'collection only' on a Sunday afternoon.

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