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    Taxi .coat mini cab ,Uber,coat ,cat sandwiches,
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  2. And a plane ticket clenched tightly in the fist.

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  3. Hang on... what the heck are ‘cat sandwiches’?

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    What , you've never had a cat sandwich
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    My Great great great great grandad was a knight

    Sir Loin
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  7. I think my great great, etc., grandfather was also 'around' then, Sir Cumference
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  8. My granddad was a great fan of the Beach Boys:

    Sir Finn Safari.

    He married a girl called Emma B Lever

    But she left him for a Swede called Lars Traintoclarksville.

    Just getting my coat on!
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  9. Think I got a bit mixed up with the Monkeys there!
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  10. You did :rolleyes:
  11. The demon drink!
  12. I’m from a long line of boxers, apart from my great grandad.

    He was a Jack Russel...
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  13. Dare we mention Sir Cumcise
    Only asking
  14. A great joke from the late great Charlie William's
    He was in a boxing match and during the bout he jabbed his opponent, he stabbed his opponent and cut his opponent

    If the ref hadn't taken his knife away he would have probably killed him
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  15. Pam Aires after 20 pints!
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  16. What’s the difference between a Norwegian lady and a Norwegian man?

  17. They were both endorsed by my great, great, great grandfather Sir Teficate
  18. jivedubbin

    jivedubbin Moderator

    My other Great great great grandfather was the bad temperd knight

    Sir Cus
  19. My other great great grandad used to dress as a pink elephant on stilts, and pretend he was from a made up country.

    Sir real.

    Do I win a fiver?
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  20. My great grandfather wasn’t really needed.

    Sir Plus
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