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  1. I bought in 2014 as a rolling bus, 90% of the electrics had been pulled out but was all within the cab area, the engine was only held in with one bolt and one bolt each side of the rear bar, gearbox didn't even have an output shaft on it so engine and box out and managed to find an output shaft which I tried out on the box not knowing if there was owt else wrong,
    I located another engine and the chap knew nothing about it we also couldn't find any numbers on it but he thought it was an 1800 so for a £100 I gambled, I stripped it and found a number on it and at the time I couldn't find what a W code was or was from, after few hours found out it was a 1700 fuel injection from a Porsche 914 (BONUS!)
    So rebuilt it painted all the tinwear and popped a pair of webers on it and then finished with a vintage speed zorst

    After a few weeks I'd managed to get a lot of the electrics put back on and working again after a few shorting outs and frazzled wires I got everything working' chuffed was an understatement as this was the biggest project I'd took on on my own!

    Took the fuel tank out as something smelt really really sweet, yep after a mysterious black crystallised stick substance had been found and I found out it had be vandalised by someone putting sugar in the fuel tank!

    Gearbox in engine in and got it up and running within a hour obviously I could see all my hard work paying off,

    I then thought about the dull paint work wether to leave it of softly attempt to try and bring the shine back' well bugger me it came up Amazing with a machine polisher and some fine polish,

    Took the wheels off and the front grill and got them painted in pastel white and then went one step further and got white walls fitted

    After a few minor gremlins I managed to get it to an mot Center and passed with not one advisory! Was over the moon till 2 miles from home it cut out and wouldn't start again (head in hands moment as it started raining haha) luckily was only the condenser cable!

    Was then on to get all the paperwork to vosa and get me some plates and make it all legal

    Thanks to everyone that gave me advice and help on here in the past and hope you've enjoyed my write up! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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