I've got wings!

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by F_Pantos, Sep 9, 2021.

  1. @gratboyslim

    Remember these you collected for me last year, Adam? Thought you might like to see progress :)

    Reshaped, refinished and grilles moved to be the same as those on the OEM unobtainium 67 wings and now ready for paint!

    Haven't seen the bill, yet, however:eek:
    20210908_160050.jpg 20210908_160054.jpg
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  2. Hi mate! They look great. Some nice metalwork been done there. I would have warped them and spent weeks straightening and filling if I had done it! haha. I thought you'd stripped down your car for a moment, but I guess that's someone else's shell!
  3. Thanks, Adam.

    Yeah, just another shell used as a dummy for fitment. The chap who did it is a very good fabricator, some things best left to the pros; they got the specialist tools and the skills to use them properly :)
  4. Zed


    Nice fit...on the dummy shell. I hope you'll try them on yours before you paint and regret...
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  5. Cry once as they say. When it’s nice work, it doesn’t feel that bad.
  6. Did it before the work was done, so had an idea of what needed doing. That's a good idea, I might suggest that we try again, I know they haven't been painted yet, as it's me supplying the paint; I have the colour match. IMG-20210522-WA0003.jpeg
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  7. Zed


    They look great don't they!
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  8. I am pretty pleased with the results, so far :)

    Obviously, no wing beading at this stage :thumbsup:

    Definitely worth doing a second dry run, thanks for the prompt @Zed

    IMG_20210914_184150.jpg IMG_20210914_184205.jpg IMG_20210914_184158.jpg IMG_20210914_184212.jpg
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