Is it just me or?

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  1. Is anyone else mildy crapping their panties in view of the shennanigans in North Korea?
    New (young) leader, dictatorship handed to him on a plate, something to prove to the world in the hopw he's taken "seroiusly"................whatever than means and a really stupid haircut to boot o_O
    21st century nutter anyone? I'm off to get some of those adult sized nappies, you know, the ones like ****** ****** wears :D
    Your thoughts?
  2. I doubt they will do anything, they just want to keep money rolling in and other nations at the negotiating table. If they do press the button they have no means of targeting us and the US will obliterate all their infrastructure within a week - even China are fed up with North Korea and have enough money invested in the US that they won't want to rock the boat.
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  3. WHS

    Can ou imaine how many satellites and spy planes are tracking North Korea at the minute> I bet Kim Jung Un has his own set of US missiles pointing at him ready to go right now just in case
  4. Not forgetting the US air force, naval and marine corps bases in Japan and Guam

    My reading is that North Korea will make a token attack, shell a disputed island (As they have done in recent years) and claim a glorious victory for the dear leader. South Korea won't retaliate and that will be that.

    The bigger concern is North Korean technology finding its way elsewhere - NK and Iran seem to be buddies and the nuclear reactor (for weapons systems) at deir ez-Zor in Syria was a copy of North Korean technology until Israel took it out in 2007
  5. Nukes work if you have a target to hit back at and your foe doesn't want to die. A loose coalition of people across a region or continent who are looking forwards to being martyrs getting a nuke to play with would be really scary.
  6. Pakistan have had nukes for years - they have more than their fair share of jihadi nutters but the politicians, scientists and military (for the most part) tend to be rather more rational and pragmatic. Iran is a big concern, lots of twelve Shi'ite apocalyptic types run that place - although Khomeini and Khamenei both declared the use of nuclear weapons un-Islamic. Iran tends to run its battles through proxies such as Hezbollah - if they got hold of nuclear weapons there could be big trouble

    We shall see.
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  7. But the haircut...........................I'm really scared :gnome:
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  8. Terrordales

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    Says it all :gnome:
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  9. Our pearly kings could give their pearly kings a bloody nose
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  10. Stock up on baked beans and ammo now! North Korea has been cut off from the rest of the world for the last 60 odd years. The USA has flattened 85% in area of their towns and cities. As far as they re concerned that's yesterday. The mentality is not based on short term gain. Look what China got back when we handed Hong Kong over. Ta very much Britian.
    A nutter with a big stick is a nutter with a big stick, and you can either stand out the way and avoid eye contact or lay the boot in before it gets out of hand.
    You re right about the hair.
  11. pyroking

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    S Korea and China both have new(ish) leaders, the US has a new Secretary of State. Mr Kim, Mr Un or Mr Jon (whichever he's known as) is flexing his new-found muscles. I can't see anything radioactive being detonated. They may have an army of "millions" but given the choice, I suspect most of them would run away if the US got involved!

    (That's just my tuppence worth. I might be wrong, but I rather hope not)
  12. If you fancy catching up on a historical version of similar stuff I recommend a film called "the fog of war" which is an extended interview with Robert MacNamarra, who was US Secretary of State for Defence during the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile crisis and Vietnam.

    Its astonishing viewing and features the real recordings of Whitehouse conversations about whether to nuke Russia or not or to send more troops to Nam. Robert M also got to meet Castro and Ho Chi Minh's foreign minister years later to swap notes.

    one of the best documentaries I have ever seen.
  13. Tuesday wildchild

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    What's to be worried about with have Cock cameron in charge
  14. It'll be ok, pushed out Milliband has gone to International Rescue, so if Thunderbirds can't sort it then Team America should :)
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  15. ...nothing at all, he do exactly what the US government tells him to do. Just like previous administrations with the exception of Harold Wilson refusing to send British troops to VietNam.
  16. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

    I'm no history person but did we not have troops in nam?
  17. dog

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    End of the day. The way I see it is you could be hit by a bus or find out you have an incurable disease tomorrow so why worry!
    If a crap haircutted little Marmite wants to be a big boy then let him play. The yanks will soon knock him down a peg or two :thumbsup:
  18. snotty

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    He's a very naughty boy.

    The best the US can do is what they're doing - showing that they, and the South Koreans - have some serious kit available, if needs be.

    Really up to the Chinese, who won't want this hassle on their doorstep, especially given how big a trading partner the US is. I'd expect someone senior from Beijng to nip round and give Horsey-Man a slap.

    Another poss IMO is that the whole lot will collapse. North Korea's rotten to the core - I wonder how much longer it can last. Happened in Romania, East Germany, Albania - everything just suddenly caved in. I'd imagine the Chinese are working out who would be acceptable to them if the whole lot imploded.

    In the meantime, no need to wear your lead underpants...
  19. I believe there were a few Australians....I believe.
  20. snotty

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    There were. The Brits, thankfully, managed to stay out of it.

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