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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Fish, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. Fish

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    Ok for those who dont know me or my work... I dont do body work or welding for customers but I will help to get it done if thats what you need. As for mechanical.. If you haven't got a clue and expect someone to set your points gap then find a book, I'm not your man. I will do what I can. I will travel anywhere if its worth the time. I've worked on everything vw and not much catches me out. I will get my site up again and some more detailed information on costs but feel free to ask me anything. advice is free. 07866899544
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  2. hailfrank

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    He's a clever chappy is fish :)
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  3. Fish

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    ThanQ. We need a catch up. Give me a call darlink!
  4. Fish

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    I will be in Peterborough (for my sins) on Saturday afternoon. If anyone is in the Area and in need of work in the morning then let me know.
  5. Fish

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    Likewise Sir
  6. sANDYbAY

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    Excellent, my very first engine change.
  7. Fish

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    'Twas a good day!
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  8. Is that some srt of euphamism, reference to a fault with your private jet or dont you know the rest of us fit a pullswitch and a really long piece of string.

    Allo Fish (nobody knows where fishy dig go!)
  9. Silver

    Silver Needs points/will pay!

    He did say he does electrical work! Figured I'd test him with some 2way and intermediate switching.
    I assume you thread your pull switch string through some of them screw in eyes, to get you round any corners?
  10. Id not thought of that - Inspired!
  11. Fish

    Fish Administrator

    I'd probably do a continuity test on the wires and if that showed a fault, change them. Or if there was no fault get down to B&Q and buy new switches.

    But Silver knows that! :hattip:
  12. Zed


    Shooting more like!
  13. You need four core cable!
  14. Jolly good. Hello and welcome back Fish. or Doug or what ever you call yerself now. :hattip:
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