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Discussion in 'Photography' started by jonspadge, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. I've only just noticed this part of the site. New is it? Anyway, I got bought a camera for my 40th a couple of years back - here's some of my attempts. Others are in my holiday threads. Hope you like them.
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    i really thought it said i love pornography........i was about to jump in and say me too.......but the pic's are good dude, no courtney simpson but good non the less.
  3. Nice work, I would be pleased if they were mine :)
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    very nice. so talk us through settings etc
  5. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

  6. Really like the eagle one, very tricky shot.
  7. Nice shots and nice composition. Just a slight over bake on the HDR processing, hence the halos around the edges.
  8. Yes a couple are HDR but I don't tend to do that too much these days. Getting into long exposures with a 10 stop fiter - my waterfall shot from the European tour thread was taken that way. The Eagle was in Malaysia and there were about 20 flying in. Took about 30 shots on 200th of a second with a motor drive before I caught it right.
  9. Is it a Lee filter, they really are the best. Got quite a few grad filters and was saving up for a nice l lens and 10 stopper but the camper came along...

    The rest is history!
  10. Its a Kood one. Only got the one which i bought for me wide angle (wangle) lense which is the one I mostly use for landscapes. Only about 80 quid. You can get some mad results.will post a few.
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    Excellent photography , well done jonspadge , thanks for sharing those .

    i might put a few of my old black n whites up , they are the only ones that can come anywhere near that quality , nikon fe on f8 all the way ;)
  12. These are very good, I like the one of the kestrel(?) over the water
  13. The bird is a Kite and the locals lob chicken pieces into the water so there are a lot around.
  14. Some great pics there! Should be very proud of them! :D

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