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  1. I guess deep down we are all influenced by what we experienced in our youth. I was a child in the '70s so influences include:

    - Hotwheels cars
    - The car at the start of pink panther
    - Chopper and Grifter bikes
    - Daisy Duke

    ok, so maybe that last one isn't completely relevant but the others all had whitewall tyres, or in the case of the hotwheels and grifter they had a RED stripe.

    I've seen some busses with whitewalls and they look great, but to re-create the proper hotwheels "redline" look i did some research and found The guy who runs this (Ant) has an prototype and knows his stuff. He'd developed his own tools and coatings which you can get on line.

    For the red line he will only apply that himself so no DIY option. I visited him at his unit in Stafford and he did the job in about 1 hr.

    Great service, nice chap. Very happy with the results.

    Will post some more pics when i get these mounted on the bus:


    by Rob E, on Flickr

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  2. I hope this is accompanied by rake and large rear tyres

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  3. .. funny you should say that, i DO actually have bigger rears and a bit of rake going on :D
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  4. Yes look great but if u drive it goes yellow then have to buy his stuff to bleach it never white again!! If u dint drive it much great

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  5. Core! Daisy Duke,her legs were insured for over a million at the time , sorry I do digress

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  6. They look mint!
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