How to... make a new indicator switch for a crossdresser

Discussion in 'How To' started by Joker, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. After breaking the indicator switch mechanism and being unwilling to pay £95 used or £200 new I decided to make my own.

    Here is the first step of how I made it. I will finish this tomorrow when I have reinstalled it in the housing and refitted to the column.

    So, I bought one of these from halfords its an on/off/on toggle switch.

    When you remove the toggle you are left with a switch plunger which is inside the toggle on a spring. I cut away around 10mm of the spring. Remarkably the business end of the VW stalk is the same diameter, almost the same length (I cut off around 4mm), and has the same boss which is ideal for locating into the halfords switch
  2. Watching this with interest!
  3. Ace :lol: I'll be watching too. Could be a wee bit flimsy...
  4. yes, its a tiny bit flimsy but will get me an MOT. I'm working on Mk 2 as we speak

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