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Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Dave Franklin, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Can anyone recommend anyone in the Norfolk area who could take a look at my hook up lead. It doesn't appear to be powering the bus. TVM
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    Will you be anywhere near Dersingham over the weekend? If so I’ll have a look for you.
  3. We're stopping in a campsite near Fakenham right now mate?
  4. Swap leads with the bloke next to you
    Then you'll know if its the lead or your bus that's the problem.
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  5. if you're at a camp site can you check that the socket you plugged into is actually live? i had an issue when i first had the bus but realised after some headscratching that the campsite circuit had tripped.
  6. Tried changing to next doors and I could hear the fridge whirring away last night. So guessing a cb or fuse has popped for the sockets somewhere???
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