Hi,lovely '72 crossdresser with more history than a erm...History Lesson.

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  1. Hi,i got a crossdresser Devon for sale.We,(my wife and I ) have owned it for around 6 or so years.I have rebuilt the engine with the usual new barrels and pistons,new carb e.t.c.
    When i purchased it,it came with all copies of all ownership since 72,a letter from Wolfsburg to verify its tax exemptness(?) and around 5 K of receipts for works done to it.I fitted a bespoke interior in it with a JK full width r and r bed.It was resprayed 'pompadour blue' a none vw colour by the last owners who live in Mabe Burnthouse still in Cornwall.Needless to say,its starting to go a bit rust here and there but nothing that needs serious work apart from around the corners of the windscreen.The pop top 'pops up' and dosnt leak,but a true fan of these vans would probably want to refurbish it as it is original and needs a bit of tlc.The bunks are original too and going a bit 'threadbare' as you can imagine.It was mot'd in feb of this year i think,lol,cant remember,i'll look if anyone is interested,and is pretty much ready for jumping in and going off camping.We are selling,as we just want to buy a newer van as we have 3 children and it would be easier with them to just go somewhere,put up a tent and go off for the day.+I could use a newer one as my 2nd work van for emergencies.It comes with loads of spares and accesories that i havnt had time to fit.It has a monza on it,you could put an original pipe back on if wanted(i dont have one) I have the original heat exchangers for it but they are not on the van.Also,a louvred window and original fly screen.To many bits and pieces to list really. Its agreed valuation is £12,000. Ive tried uploading pics but apparently,the files are too big...
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    Photos need to be less than 1MB or you'll need to use Photobucket, just like you would on JK.
    What's the price?
  3. You can resize the picture files quite easily. You won't get much response without pictures!
  4. Oh,ok,i'll mess around with them later...
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    You're getting there.....
    You'll still need a price though. Agreed value is pretty irrelevant on these as the insurers pretty much take your word for it.
  6. £12,000.
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  7. Thats about as many pics as i have time for i think.Hope thats enough,and any questions will be greatfuly answered.Oh,the 'y' piece of heater tube is missing,always has been,thats why i took the heat exchangers off.
    Its a pretty solid van though.It was orient blue before,but i dont think that the spray job was very good.Its always been kept under a jk van cove since we have owned it though,so that has helped a great deal considering the weather we have had over the last 6 years.
  8. Lovely bus, but I don't think that's a cross-over. If it is then mine is too, I think it's just the first of the late bays. Someone more knowledgeable will correct me if I'm wrong, but a cross-over has got square air intakes, low indicators and round bumpers with foot-steps. Sorry to be a pedant;).

    One of the things that's interesting to me about your van is that mine is a very early 73 Devon (or at least I think it is) and the pop-top is a slightly different design. Only seen one other like it and can't identify it as anything other than a Devon. Good luck with the sale.
  9. Erm...Bonus!
  10. It should read 'Tax Exempt Late Bay' for sale then..?
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    built 72 registered march 73, i'd imagine it could possibly be a very early late bay like poptop2 's which may have the looks of a true late but have crossdresser brakes and other parts...anyway good luck with the sale.

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