Hi from Somerset

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  1. Just bought this off my dad who’s owned it for the last 12 years, few bits to tidy up but overall he’s in very good condition, vans named bullet based on the number plate and a few of the mods it’s got

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  2. Hello from Sunny Surrey. Nice looking bus, but knowing the previous owner means your ability to moan about the stupid, dodgy things the po has done, might have more consequences for you! :)
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  3. Looks nice bus - welcome from West Lancashire
  4. Welcome to the asylum ;)

    Nice looking Bus, we like lots of photos :thumbsup:
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    Welcome along :hattip:
  6. Hi…
    From Somerset…
  7. Day


    Hi from sunny Italy.

    Enjoy your bus.
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  9. Morning! Looks tidy, I've always wanted a windmill.... you should've bought the Bay parked in front of it though..... ;)

  10. Few more pics here
    B602E864-7CE1-4A07-B2B7-30473C43B2A0.jpeg 13198B0D-F970-4E1D-B9EE-6FC26DD57B0D.jpeg 84A44669-CB83-4548-A9F2-FD088E9B0D64.jpeg
  11. Morning from the Norff. I think the air cooling fan at the back should be adequate!
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  12. Morning from a sunny Notts!
  13. Great looking Bay. Welcome.
  14. Welcome from Leicestershire
  15. Hello from wincanton somerset

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  16. You really are close! I’m just outside Shepton!
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  17. Hello from Derbyshire, nice looking van:thumbsup:
  18. Hello from Scotland, my bus is from Somerset, now convalescing in Aberdeen.

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