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  1. Hello,

    Please would you give me your experience and guidance.

    I have been looking at T2s for months. I have found one locally for sale that I am viewing today.

    In good condition inside and outside and underneath. I have paid for the vehicle check/HPI check and its showing a mileage discrepancy. Wording is "Information provided by the National Mileage Register indicates there may be a discrepancy with this vehicle's mileage.". You can see the mileage entries on the register and it shows that is 60 thousand now (matching photo seller sent me of the clock) but the first entry in June 1999 shows 130000!


    So I understand this could mean that it has been clocked?

    If this is clocked, then what are the implications for any buyer?

    In this case I understand its real mileage could be 160,000 i.e the 135000 plus the 35,000 its done since.

    What would a replacement engine cost in a T2?
    Engine size cc 1584. Fuel DIESEL

    Thank you in advance
  2. If its a normal Bay odometer it wraps every 100000 miles.

    So 130000 miles shows as 30000 on the clock, 160000 shows as 60000.

    Or somebody replaced the dashboard instruments with replacement working ones or the odometer was reset on a restoration..

    If its not stolen.. dont worry..

    If its a VW diesel thats strange for a T2 they didnt make diesels for the 1968-79 models, but for the 1980-90 T25.. go and look at The Engine Shop or the VW Engine Company . if you have an engine in it is a couple of thousand as an exchange ..

    If its a watercooled diesel in a 1968-79 T2 you would need to identify the donor vehicle and buy another scrap vehicle or repair the engine in it . a whole can of worms.. also DIY diesel conversions may have cooling issues which is why the current engine is dead...

    On the other hand if its actually 1568cc aircooled petrol the engine is between £1500 and £2800 depending on how new you go, and a drop in replacement.
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  3. bernjb56

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    It’s much more likely that it’s had the speedo swapped at some time. The original one stoped working and a second hand one fitted.

    Mileage is pretty irrelevant in a vehicle this old. 160,000 is less than 4k a year.
  4. Hello @mikedjames - understand that you are saying it wraps around after 100,000 miles.

    I have just seen how poorly my mileage readings posted. The top of the list is 10/06/1999 at 130000, then next entry is 03/08/1999 at , the very last entry at the bottom is 16/05/2018 at 65781.
  5. Thank you @mikedjames and @bernjb56 .

    Does anyone know what a new engine costs for a T2 if I had to face that in future?
  6. Unlikely to be Diesel but you never know, main thing is take loads of pictures and put them on here for opinions!
  7. My bus says 37000 ish on the odometer, when I bought it it said 48000 ish.
    My odometer readings almost went backwards from one MOT to another when the garage typed in something like 89000 and something instead of 98000 and something..
    I got a stern letter from the insurers reminding me about mileage limits, but bizarrely the error still caused annual mileage according to MOT to be less than 10000 miles which is what I am insured for.. usually 8000-9500 miles..
  8. Zed

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    The engine may have already been replaced/rebuilt several times and that applies to every single part of the van which is 50 years old. It might be on it's 5th time around the clock for all you know. Do not judge ANYTHNG by the mileage. Of anything you can find out about the bus this is the most irrelevant fact.
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    Welcome to the forum from a frosty Notts.

    Good luck with your viewing, if you need any second opinions, shout up, post some pics.

    Mostly don’t buy the first bus you see unless it is too good to walk away from, there are some good ones out there!
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  10. I'd suggest they were aware of the 130k miles in the first recorded MOT then lost track and just wrote down what it says, so miles might be 165k now. Guess of course.

    My engine replacement for a fully refurbished 1641, new carbs etc. just cost £3k all fitted with a £200 rebate coming back to me for the useful parts from the old engine.

    Good luck finding a great bus!
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  11. As others have said mileage is pretty irrelevant apart from knowing how many miles the current engine has done.

    Most of these vans would of be round the clock and had most bits including the engine replaced by now and your very unlikely to find one with all its original body work.
  12. people say don’t buy the first one you see but .I’ve done that with at least 3 cars , bus ,914 and a polo
    If you research what you want and only look at adverts that match your requirements you can get a good first one …
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  13. MorkC68

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    I must admit to that with my i30 but it was a year old with only 3500 miles on the clock & hardly used!
  14. Zed

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    All 5 of mine have been the first one I looked at. The last three I just looked at photos. The first two I only glanced at when I picked them up.

    Fair to say I'd look harder these days but only because they are soooo expensive and so are the parts to repair them.
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  15. As others have said. Post up some photos and the advert.

    If it was converted to diesel by DIY. Personally I’d probably walk away.
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