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  1. Hi can anyone recommend some to fit some headlining. Preferably in the Greater Manchester / Cheshire area. Cheers Chris
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  3. Happy to have a chat.
    Cab or full roof, poptop etc?
  4. hello. its a tin top. Looking for a breakdown on costs if possible?

    cab roof only
    cab roof down to waistline
    cargo roof only
    cargo roof down to waistline

    and if i got the lot done. how much in total?

    i do have ideas of having this on the cargo roof but im sure the cost will put me off! see attached.

    also do you have any photos of headlining you've done in the past? could you include these?

    thanks chris

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  5. I bet the starlight roof would be over the price of the bus:D
  6. Cool though. :cool:
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  7. Buy a zillion LEDs on eBay, one third of a zillion resistors, miles of thin wire.
    Would make it up on a board covered in headlining, work out whats best way to poke LEDs through holes in board and headlining.
    You will need to design a "random" layout probably using some software to get the starry layout. And use different resistor values to make different star brightnesses, also chosen by random numbers.
    Do it on a board which can be removed for repair and when you have decided that the pattern you made looks too much like an elephant you can take it out completely and add it to Snottys over the fence pile.

    Personally , it was cheaper and simpler to fit six 1.8 watt warm white LED downlighters in the poptop..
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