head re build - recommendations?

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by rob.e, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. i've picked up some heads that may form part of a future type 4 engine build project. the heads will need some work.. any recommendations for someone who could rebuild them for me?

    i'm oxford but i could ship them if necessary - does anyone have good first hand experience of a builder who knows aircooled type 4 heads?

  2. Stateside tuning (Moreton in marsh ) ....but you need fairly deep pockets
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  3. I think owning a bay you need deep pockets full stop lol.
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  5. Just out of interest which heads are they? 1700, 1800 small valves or big valves, 2.0l square or oval port?
  6. 914 castings are where it’s at .....apparently

  7. 2.0 litre Porsche 914 - haven’t got them yet, should arrive tomorrow
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  8. fingers crossed there are no cracks in them ....
  9. When I took my first set of heads to Dave's he media blasted them, inspected and rejected them as no good...cracked


    Get some new ones. The AMC heads are quiet good, Years ago they had soft valve seats and cheap valves , not anymore.
  11. what's the best way to clean them up to check? wire brush in the drill ok or too harsh?
  12. davidoft

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    wire wheel tends to move the ally about and damage the surface if you're not careful, bead blasting is probably best
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  13. as above or soda blasting /Aqua blasting or get them chemically dipped , I think these heads are the most prone to cracks
  14. cheers.

    to my untrained eye i don't see any cracks but i'll post some pics once i've had them cleaned.
  15. It’s not just between valves they crack , also in the exhaust port
  16. not sure if this'll work.. took a short vid of the heads. the first spark plug hole has a surface scratch (not a crack) from transit, looks like a loose part rubbed against it. hard to get a good close up especially of the exhaust ports.

    [​IMG]914 heads by Rob E, on Flickr
  17. @lhu1281 @davidoft @The Bobdogs - did you look at the vid? Any thoughts?

    There are a few pin prick type holes - is that something i need to worry about?
  18. The one I have here is cracked between the exhaust valve through to the exhaustport behind ...

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