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  1. Yes, quite correct. And the nose cone?
  2. Not necessary. Just a white light at the top of the mast.
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    Here here.
  4. But only when the spinnaker is hoisted, no?
  5. Only when you're about to unfurl the spanker, I believe.
  6. Spanker? I don't believe I know of those in naval terminology... :(
  7. A sail at the back, to give you a bit of extra oomph when chasing Frenchies.
  8. Jet2 air tanker out of RAF Brize Norton?????

    Whats it carrying, fresh supplies of bacon rolls and in-flight tat?

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  9. air tanker ..:D
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    Cruella revealing her true persona :eek:
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  14. .[​IMG]

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  16. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

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  18. 3AE5B2CD-F7FA-47C0-8DC9-7E1B169302D5.jpeg
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