Graham aka doktordub got me out of a tight spot

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Jack Tatty, Aug 9, 2014.

  1. Thanks also to @Baysearcher for pointing me in his direction too when our bus was poorly in Norfolk. It's not so bad when your bus needs summat doing to it nearer to home because you already have your tried n trusted garages. Not so simple when your in a strange exotic new place like North Norfolk ;). Our bus was misfiring n struggling to start at all, I tried what I would to rectify it with the little knowledge I have n the tips I got from TLBers on here but to no avail. Tried this doktordub chap, explained my tale of woe over the phone, he came out to me on our campsite the next morning. Over a few hot brews he checked, listened, tinkered, took my carb to bits n cleaned it, adjusted, listened again, tinkered a bit more and we talked about the joys of Fender Stratocasters. Bus drove Norfolk to Brum without missing a beat. Wouldn't hesitate to call him again if needed. Top bloke :thumbsup:.
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  2. Graeme is a lovely Bloke :D

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