Ginger's VW Workshop Emporium - Waterlooville, near Portsmouth

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  1. Wonder how long it would take to push my van there ?
  3. We only feel sorry for you because we know what your Brother is like..
  4. Birdy

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    Good luck pal. Look forward to popping down when I'm that way.
  6. Redarmy and I decided to take a day trip and visit the boys at Ginger's VW...

    Brilliant cup of coffee, however a bit light on the sugar! Must do better next time.. B+

    Excellent working enviroment, very clean and tidy, which is something to expect of a professional out-fit.

    Vechicles there varied, there was a Type 3 under restoration, a T25 , an prototype bay and a mrk 1 cabrio Golf... Oh and a Green Latebay with a massive roof-rack..

    Three customer toilets. Male - Female - and one for the inbetweeners.... ;D

    Very friendly welcome received and a worth while 300mile round trip....
  7. Here's a pic of a few of the visitors today. Thanks for the visit from the Somerset Boys, I'll sort the hot drinks issue.

    And a big thanks to diddymen for his help with the 2 post lift.

  8. Diddymen

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    Was good to see a few other TLB'ers there :)

    I think I'm going to be making a nuisance of my self more regularly up there ;D .......theres already a great vibe going on 8)
  9. when i can drive ill be there every weekend ;D
  11. Honky

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    Yum, pasties.
  12. To get us going we have an introductory offer on services.

    Air cooled 3,000 mile/Water cooled 5,000 mile service £75.

    Air cooled 6,000 mile
    /water cooled 10,000 mile
    service £135.

    Please contact us for details: or 07595 701393
  13. We have 2 new vans arriving this week. I'll post pics when they arrive.
  14. Here is our first van ready for treatment. 1973 late bay from Sweden - Björn.

    That poptop is Swedish snow.

  15. Bays are a big percentage of our work :).

  16. Honky

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  17. In light of the recent MOT changes and good, safe practice, we have introduced a fixed price for battery clamping - £15.

    Our servicing offer still stand also - 3000 mile for £75 and 6000 mile for £135.
  18. We can now offer con rod balancing (each end, not just overall) for £40, or £50 with p&p.

    Call, email or PM for details.

    07595 701393
  19. there is a lack of Emporiumism going on here

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