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  1. I’ve been working on this bus for 5 years and most of the heavy work is finally done. Lots still. [/ATTACH] 5BD23702-1ACF-4691-AEAA-03EB70AEF173.jpeg FA0F970A-4834-4783-93C1-B18F61B4E343.png 72477DA4-66EB-4C29-BF97-654A5E19F004.jpeg 703C7B2C-FE00-49EE-82A6-35686D359782.jpeg

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  2. Great colour
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    Looks great so far. Very nice colour.
  4. Never mind the bus - get working on that Frogeye
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  5. Haha, froggie is being worked on now, too. One cluttered shop!

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  6. Thanks, funny to see the resurgence of a similar colour on some new cars, too.
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  7. When mixing up a second batch of this sage green, they got it wrong. Thankfully, I had only been spraying the underside and wheel-wells before I realized the mistake.
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  8. taiga green is such a great colour for a bus - going to look great when its done

    is that a pacesetter exhaust? mine was painted (badly) when it arrived - i stripped it and had it ceramic coated. looks like you've done something similar with yours?
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    Awesome collection, bus looks great, frogeye looks great..looking forward to more updates!
  10. Thanks for your comments. The mention of ‘taiga green’ prompted me to research that, as I was mixing paint using the sage green code. It may have been my problem re shade variations. Those colours look very similar in the pics.
    As for the exhaust, not sure what brand it is…I found it on the back shelf of a small shop specializing in VW . Buddy said he’d had it for years. It fit. 79779B5E-5B47-48B8-802D-37C4E17320BE.png 5483E850-81DE-4971-93F4-6BF0B72B8400.png
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  11. Great work and I too am liking the colour :)
  12. Thanks Andy. I was just reading all those great painting tips. I’ve painted very little and have done it in sections, leaving the main exterior for last.

    My name is Don. Middle name is Otto, so I thought it was a good one to use for this site.

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