Garage recommendations - N. Hampshire/Berkshire??

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Hatsworth, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. Morning! I'm looking for garage recommendations in N Hampshire/Berkshire - can anyone help? For general servicing to start with, bigger jobs inevitably soon :) Anywhere around Farnborough, Reading, Basingstoke sort of area, or further afield if really good... Also - probably most importantly - any to avoid? Many thanks!

  2. @davidoft is Hayling Island but does mobile !!
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  3. maybe try voodoovw in Newbury? Not had any experience of them myself however...
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  4. My most excellent tame mechanic is just outside Basingstoke, just off the M3. He's not a VW camper specialist (he actually specialises in 4x4s), but he is a VW enthusiast and he keeps Wiggie running for me when I can't manage it myself, and has a few other satisfied and repeat VW camper customers. He's called Tony and runs 4x4toys - just call the mobile number 07709 839891. His only downside is he has more business than he can easily get through, but then the good ones often do IME.
  5. Wilma gets tickled at VW Voodoo Newbury - not much they can't do, service, panels, paint etc - Know their stuff. Give Rich a call and have a chat.
  6. My mate runs a garage in Slough, Thames Valley Garage, Bower Way, Cippenham, Berkshire.
    They are all V-Dub nuts in there, old Skool and new school.

    Give them a shout and see what they say - not stupidly expensive either.

    Speak to Dee and see what he says.
  7. Thank you all - brilliant to have some recommendations, and a few different options...

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