Garage in West London?

Discussion in 'VW Services' started by Airbud, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Hey y'all,

    I am looking for a new Garage in West London ideally. I have taken the van to a few places over the years but would like someone I can reliably go back to.

    Sadly I had some issues with Jacks VW, who are the best known around here, and they were pretty damn pricey anyway. Hoping someone can lead me to a trusted mechanic...

    Big thanks,

  2. Not in West London but I have used in South West London.

    But just a word of warning, they tend to treat their air-cooled work as a fill in and have to be chased up otherwise they will have your van for ages!

    Give Mike a call 020 8979 2233
  3. Try Ian at EsAutos in Bisley

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  4. He always has lots of vans in. I live very near there.
    I may try @paul2590 's recommendation next time. May not, but worth exploring options.

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  5. Sorry mate - wouldn`t touch `em with a bargepole . They put the van through an MOT (theres) with some truly shoddy welding and left off a front brake pipe clamp that stops the copper flexing as well as the lower shock bolt was hanging on by a couple of threads . All this came to light when i took it in for a tyre after supposedly setting the tracking ...

    All for 80 quid an hour - disgusting .

    @paul2590 seems very pleased with E`s autos :thumbsup:

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  6. Sorry in hindsight that was a bad recommendation! I would agree with @Lasty I only used them the one time when I first got my Bay for a new clutch, some work on my carbs and some electrical work.

    After having my van for 5 weeks I subsequently re-did myself most the stuff they worked on and that was when I decided from then on I would do all the maintenance / servicing and upgrading myself.

    If I was you I would try to do your own servicing and mechanical work on it, It’s really not that hard and you learn as you go, and have the satisfaction you have saved money in the process!

    You already have access to the best advice and knowledge available from this forum.
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  7. Welding .. I don’t class fusing tin foil together over rust welding , down right dangerous as it was the 2 sections of chassis holding the rear beam on..
  8. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Strange first post ^^^.
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  9. Agreed Doug but he`s sound ;)

    @Tony boone is currently welding up up my camper PROPERLY and is pretty peed off with the quality of repair work done in the past . Some of it is admittedly mine but the worse ones were done by `a certain` garage and even i was shocked by their botching . Paid top dollar for sh11t work an` all :mad: so i tell people to steer clear at every opportunity - they have a total lack of skill / care to the point of being dangerous ...

    He`s a great welder / fabricator and will (i`m led to believe !) introduce himself later :thumbsup:

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  10. Only one place to go in London autotechniks mate. Sarf of the river
  11. 100% agree on the above.
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  12. Terry’s beetle services are in Shirley gardens West Ealing. I’ve always used Luke (He owns the place) What he doesn’t know about air cooled vehicles isn’t worth knowing. He always gets me out of trouble if I make a mess of things. Not cheap but 100% aircooled reliable.
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  13. He certainly knows his way around an air cooled does Luke, I'd definitely trust him.

    Also as mentioned earlier, Ian at EsAutos is good.
  14. Luke is great too.

    For type 2, and getting radical you can’t beat Autotechniks.
    In fact we are lucky to have a few options and also regular service places and special custom types.

    Looking forward to getting the power steering from Autotechniks
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  15. I've used for bodywork.
    The guy was knowledgeable and not too expansive.

    Judging by the highly custom bugs he add in the shop he must b a pretty good mechanc too.

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